How to deal with high demand for Charlotte roofing companies

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As we begin to see light at the end of the winter tunnel, Charlotte roofing contractors will soon have their phones ringing off the hook. Although we have made it through the roughest part of the winter season, spring showers will reveal a rash of leaking roofs that are caused by winter snow and ice. Because of the nature of the business, roofing contractors face overwhelming seasonal demands; especially when the weather is warmer.

Charlotte roofing contractors in high demand

Additionally, when the Charlotte and Concord areas are hit with severe weather, local roofing contractors can be fully booked to repair the resultant roof damage for several months. This is one of the major frustrations time for homeowners who have discovered roof leaks and are pinched by insurance claim deadlines. Here we will offer some suggestions to help you exercise patience and remedies that can help you make the most of a frustrating situation.

Contact your insurance company

When dealing with insurance deadlines, it is important to check your specific policy, and to notify your Charlotte’s best roofing companies to find someone who will have the ability to get the work done before the deadline. Some insurance companies require the repairs to be completed within one year of filing your claim. However, be aware that you commonly have three years from the date of the occurrence of the storm to file your claim.

It is advisable that you refrain from filing the claim until you can confirm a date for roof repairs. If you have already filed a claim, call your insurance company and inform them about the backlog for quality roofing contractors. Ask your roofing contractor write a letter that confirms the reason(s) for the delay, and ask for an extension. Be sure to keep in touch with your insurance company and your roofing company in an effort to avoid any surprises.

Temporarily patch roof leaks

It seems that roof leaks tend to get homeowners excited and in a panic. Admittedly, roof leaks can be a big problem for your home interior. If you are unable to get a contractor out in a reasonable time for a permanent fix, then you may have to turn to a temporary solution. Place a bucket underneath the source of the leak, and puncture the ceiling to allow the accumulated water to drain. Then you can use roofing cement, a tarp, or plastic sheeting to provide a temporary patch. Keep a close eye on the area to make sure it does not get worse. You may have to remove and replace the patch a couple of times if your roofing company is severely delayed. Be patient and open minded so that you can get through a challenging situation. Hopefully you will be able to needless frustrations and excessive damage to your home

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