Desperately seeking a Charlotte NC roofer to repair my asphalt roof shingles!

Shingles roofing Charlotte NCIf I need to repair my asphalt roof shingles, who I can call in Charlotte NC? Recent strong winds have left leaks and spots on the ceiling inside my house, and I want to fix my damaged roof without having to do an entire roof replacement.

Leaks and spots on the ceiling

Leaks and spots on the ceiling do not necessarily mean you need an entire roof replacement, so be sure that the roofing companies you call for roof estimates will do roof repairs as well as roof replacements. Depending on the amount of damage those recent strong winds inflicted on your roof, you may truly need a roof replacement; finding a reliable and trustworthy roofing company like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, with a business ethic of treating customers fairly and honestly, can help you avoid buying more service than you need.

How hard is it to fix my damaged roof myself?

Laying asphalt shingles is not exactly brain surgery, but true expertise and experience are essential in making an assessment of damage and in locating the origin and cause of those spots on your ceiling. Sometimes, when asphalt shingles blow off, like yours in the recent strong winds, high winds were not the real culprits. Sometimes, the real culprit was loose or improperly installed flashing; or worn, brittle asphalt shingles that should have been replaced years ago; maybe the cause was a poor roof design which could not stop leaks and spots on the ceiling from forming, winds or not. Fixing your damaged roof yourself can be a good idea if you have roofing experience, and if you know you can do the kind of job that will support a warranty claim or roof repair insurance claim after possible roof damage down the road. It is usually a better idea to stay on the ground and hire trained experts to survey and assess roof damage, and to repair or replace the roof.

Who can repair my asphalt roof shingles?

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, with a service area extending to the Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC area, specializes in asphalt shingle roof repairs and replacement. Family owned and family run, this reliable roofer is proud to be one of Charlotte’s local roofing companies and strives to be Charlotte’s Best Roofing Company. Visit them online at and request a service call. A customer service representative will be happy to come to your home with asphalt shingle samples, find out more about your roofing project, and provide a free estimate.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has extensive experience working with insurance companies and local insurance adjusters to help you process your roof damage insurance claim. From supplying roof estimates to making sure the adjuster does not miss a thing when it comes to assessing damage to your asphalt roof, to helping you through the claims process, this reputable roofing company will stay on top of all aspects of your roof repair.

When you say, please repair my asphalt roof shingles, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte will answer your call, and come prepared to inspect, assess, prepare roof estimates, and give you the kind of service you want and need. Call today, and ask, can you repair my asphalt roof shingles?