Easy finding a reliable roofing contractor in Charlotte NC

finding a reliable roofing contractorCharlotte roofing contractor

I was pleased that finding a reliable roofing contractor who services my Charlotte and Concord NC area turned out to be easier than I expected! The roof passed with flying colors several years ago when we had the mortgage inspection done, so the prospect of roofing repair has been low on our horizon ever since. Imagine my surprise when I noticed water stains on the ceiling!

How long should a roof last?

I checked into how long asphalt shingles might be expected to last, and found that several factors come into play: geographic location and climate, quality of materials, and the roof style. Climate and harsh weather are a major factor, especially in areas with even more extreme seasonal temperature changes than we have here in Concord NC. The quality of shingles and the expertise by which they were installed also make a huge difference in how long they protect your home, as does the design of the roof itself. I did not know who installed the roof or how the shingles were rated. I learned that an asphalt roof can be expected to last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Finding a reliable roofing contractor who could take me from having no information to having a reasonably good handle on my roof situation became my new goal.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor

Using the tried and true methods of asking friends for referrals, checking with the local Better Business Bureau, reading customer reviews on Angies List, and reviewing customer testimonials on various Charlotte roofing companies and Concord roofing companies, I selected five which seemed most likely to meet my needs. I contacted each of them for a free estimate.

Information and personal service

One of the Charlotte roofing companies said that since I do not know how old the roof is, I should just go ahead and have an entire new roof installed. One of the Concord NC roofing companies said it would be three weeks until they could even come to look at my leaking roof. The other three roofing contractors came to my house within the first few days, did a thorough inspection, and left me with professional written estimates: one to repair and another to replace. The estimates were completed, including which materials would be used on my roof, estimated time frames for start and completion, costs, and a list of other services to be provided, such as permits and trash removal, etc. All three estimated the age of my roof to be 20 years, and all three suggested I might want to consider roof replacement in the near future if not right now, because my roof shingles are beginning to show wear and tear. I talked over the pros and cons of roof repair and roof replacement with each of them.

Choices for Charlotte roofing companies

When it came down to it, among the Charlotte roofing companies providing service to my Concord NC locale, I chose Advanced Roofing and Exteriors because of their service record and my conviction that these friendly and knowledgeable roofers would get the job done, get it done on time and on budget, and get it done right. In the end, I opted to repair now, and replace in a year or two, when I will again contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to do the job.