File Charlotte roof insurance claims without fuss!

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors provides help with insurance claims for damaged roofs

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If you are asking yourself, who can I call for help with insurance claims for my damaged roof, the trustworthy roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will respond quickly to offer free estimates. When a storm hits and causes damage to your roof it is easy to fall into panic mode. You do not have to let this happen! Instead, call in a reputable roof contractor who will come out to your home and walk you through the inspection process. Help with insurance claims for your damaged roof is one of the many services this Charlotte NC roofer is happy to provide!

I need help with insurance claims for my damaged roof!

When the storm blows over and residents come out to inspect the damage, local roofing companies receive calls from worried residents who need help with insurance claims for their damaged roofs. Unfortunately, since most homes do not come with an owners manual, homeowners who have never experienced home damage from storms or other natural disasters are not sure what to do.

First things first: if possible, make note of the time and day of the damage. If you are unsure of when the damage occurred, your Charlotte roofing company recommends searching on the Internet or through news websites to see when the last big storm blew through. Then, take pictures of the damage; even better, take pictures during the storm. Insurance companies require documentation to process claims, so the more documentation you have, the more likely the claim is approved. Finally, call your reliable roofer for an opinion on the damage. Once damage has been identified, roof contractors can be available during the insurance company inspection to compare notes and measurements, as well as help debate damage assessment if there is a difference of opinion. When you need help with insurance claims for damaged roofs, remember these tips, and call Advanced Roofing and  Exteriors, Charlotte’s trusted roof contractor, for a fast and easy damage inspection.

How to choose a reliable roofer after the claim is filed

Help with insurance claims for your damaged roof also means choosing a roof contractor to repair the damage. Homeowners should be aware that roofers are not all created equal, and some may even harm more than help, costing you more money and stress in the end. How do homeowners find trustworthy roofing companies?  When hiring roofing contractors to help with insurance claims for your damaged roof, first make sure they are insured, licensed and bonded. If a roofer is uninsured and his employee has an accident on the job site, the homeowner may be held responsible for medical costs.

Visiting job sites and talking to customers is another good idea for homeowners seeking help with insurance claims for damaged roofs. Reputable roofing companies have testimonials on their websites attesting to the quality of service and workmanship on home repairs, and this is an excellent way to know the sort of results you can expect with your job. Help with insurance claims for your damaged roof requires a little homeowner investigation, but in the end it saves time and heartache!

Finding help with insurance claims for your damaged roof is not difficult, but it does require knowing what questions to ask to make sure you get the best roofer for the job. You want a reliable roofing company on the job to assess the damage and to help write the claim. Insurance companies require documentation, so remember to take pictures of damage and write down dates and time damage may have occurred. Do not pick your roofing company cold out of the phone book. Make sure roof contractors are insured, licensed and bonded, and check homeowner testimonials. If I want the best Charlotte NC roof contractor to help with insurance claims for my damaged roof, I call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors! You should, too!