Good roof contractors resolve your complaints IMMEDIATELY

Roof contractors like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors know that customer complaints are very important.  In fact, the best roof contractors understand that when they install hundreds or thousands of new roofs every year, the quality and level of customer satisfaction will be the determining factor in whether or not they obtain more business from the friends of those customers.

Best roof contractors in Charlotte NC

For that reason, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors always aims to achieve absolute perfection whenever they install a new roof on a home. However, roof contractors, even the best roof contractors, are human and therefore can make mistakes. That is why at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, they see customer complaints as opportunities to step up to the plate and show how honest, trustworthy, and professional they can be.  Also, when a customer complains about a problem, it helps Advanced Roofing and Exteriors better know how they can improve the services they provide and ultimately perform better work for their customers in the future.

What kinds of mistakes might residential roof contractors make?

Understandably, the most common kind of complaint that even the best roof company will receive might involve a leak. Indeed, a roof is there to protect you and your family from the elements like rain, sleet, and the cold. So when there is any kind of leak in your roof and the rain comes through, it can be a very serious problem. Home electronics may be destroyed, furniture can be destroyed, and most definitely you and your cat are going to be very unhappy. This is especially the case after you have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to have your roof replaced.

Fortunately, the best roofing companies are well aware that these kinds of mistakes happen, and they are experts at locating the source of leaks in new roofs that they install. Therefore, if you discover a leak in your new roof, contact your roof contractor immediately. Usually they will send a technician to your house right away to evaluate the problem. Even if they cannot immediately find the leak, they might perform a water test which will allow them to pinpoint the exact location of it. However, in most cases, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors would fix the leak right there on the spot.

Because mistakes like leaks can happen, it is important that all customers of residential roof contractors make sure that their new roof includes a warranty before they agree to have it installed. In fact, many warranties include protections for your valuables inside your home that could be damaged as a result of a mistake made by your roof contractor.

Noises, untidiness, and other kinds of disturbances from roof contractors

Another kind of mistake that many roofing contractors in Charlotte NC make is a little different. For example, a customer might complain about the way the roof contractor is working at the house. You may find that your roof contractor is noisy, untimely, or is causing disturbances to you and your daily routine at your home. Since Advanced Roofing and Exteriors wants your roofing experience to be as enjoyable as possible, they are very willing to accommodate you in any way they can to make sure that interruptions to your daily life are minimized. In the most extreme cases, the most reputable roofing contractors might even replace the supervisor on duty or members of the crew in order to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Don’t settle for the rest, get the best in Charlotte NC

Roof contractors with the best in roofing services in Charlotte are Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  They are always eager to resolve any kind of customer complaint quickly and efficiently so that you and your family will be happy, safe, comfortable, and dry. If you would like to know more about Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, talk with one of their representatives now to schedule a discussion and free estimate. Out of all Charlotte NC roof contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is by far the best at resolving customer complaints – and they have the references to prove it.