Hail damage to roofs in Charlotte NC

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors repairs hail-damaged roofs and assists with insurance claimsDamage from recent hailstorms in Charlotte NC is not a difficult problem to fix if you have a skilled roofing company on your side.  You might even be surprised that many kinds of home insurance will allow you to make a claim to cover the costs associated with making the necessary repairs.

What kind of roof damage can a hailstorm cause?

Hail can wreak havoc on your roof, skylights, car, and even farm crops.  Even worse, roof damage caused by hail can go unnoticed for years until cracks and leaks begin to appear.  While metal roofs are particularly resilient to hail, storm damage is often more noticeable on metal roofs in the form of dings and scratches.  Meanwhile, shingle roofs are more structurally vulnerable to hail but it is often difficult to notice the damage until it is too late and your living room ceiling springs a leak!

What should I do if my house has roof damage?

If you notice that your roof has suffered damage then you should call a local roofer to investigate the problem.  Because roof repair can be a costly project, it is always best that you do some research and consult with friends to find the best roofer available.  A qualified roofer will be able to come out to your house and immediately identify how much work will need to be done; however, different roofers have different methods for evaluating damage.  For that reason, you should strive to obtain a second or third opinion and compare the reasons different contractors give about why particular work needs to be done.

Who should I call and can they help me with insurance?

Roofing professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are experts at solving roof issues associated with storm and hail damage.  In fact, Advanced Roofing even provides help with insurance for hail damage.  When you call your insurance company to report the damage to your roof, they will send a representative to inspect the damage and estimate the cost of repairs.  While insurance company estimates are usually pretty accurate, since your insurance company is not the one doing the work, it is highly advisable that you ask your roofer to be present at the time the insurance adjuster comes investigate your damage.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is always happy to come and meet with your insurance company adjuster at your home.  If the insurance agent provides an estimate for repairs, which is lower than what really needs to be done, then your Advanced Roofing and Exteriors contractor will be there to point out additional damage that the insurance agent might have missed.  Indeed, it pays to have your local roofing contractor give you help with insurance for hail damage.  Your contractor will be the best advocate you have in order to get the money you need from your insurance company.

Take the first step to fix your storm damage today!

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of your best options in Charlotte NC for fixing and repairing the damage on your roof caused by storms.  If you want to get your roof fixed by one of the best in the business, visit them at www.advancedroofingandexteriors.com and see how they can help you today.