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Nature, like so many pleasant things, is best appreciated in a time and manner of your own choosing. Having it invade your house and scamper around while you’re trying to sleep is not much fun. In much of your house, rats, mice and various sorts of insect and spider are likely to be the problem, but in your roof, the three main culprits are likeliest to be squirrels, bats and raccoons.

Raccoons are a special problem this time of year around Charlotte and Concord, NC because now is when the females are looking for places to nest and raise their young — preferable warm, well away from predators and near sources of tasty garbage. And if ever there was a species that was more fun to read about or watch on TV than to encounter in person or clean up the depredations and defecations of, it’s Procyon lotor. They are smart enough to find any hole in your attic that their fat little bodies can fit through. If there’s a patched spot, they can pull the patch aside.

Apart from the nuisance of having nocturnal wildlife crashing around in your attic while you’re trying to sleep, the damage they do to insulation while nesting up there, and the fact that when they’re hungry the first garbage cans they raid will be your own, the main danger of raccoons is the danger of disease. They are prone to rabies, and their urine and feces sometimes contains very nasty organisms. If you find the corner they’ve been doing their business in, arm yourself with protective gear before you start trying to clean it up.

Get a roofing company in Charlotte to raccoon-proof your roof

A Charlotte roofing company can make your attic a lot less attractive to raccoons by going over it, finding the holes and weak spots and fixing them up. This won’t completely eliminate the risk — if a raccoon has no other options, it can and will simply tear shingles out of the roof and come in that way. But there are a lot of roofs in your neighborhood, and probably not that many raccoons, so it’s likely a pregnant female raccoon will look for a softer target. If one does break in this way, call a wildlife removal expert, and then (once it’s gone and cleanup is done, please) your roofing company in Charlotte.

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