I need to repair my shingle roof in Charlotte

Storm damage and strong winds have left me needing to repair my shingle roof in Charlotte, but I don’t know where to start!

Roof repair in Charlotte NC

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When should I call my trusted roofing company?
Storm damage can be misleading. Even if you aren’t positive that your home has been damaged, it’s best to call your trusted Ft Mill / Rock SC roofing company for a free estimate and let the professionals take care of your most valuable investment. Having a structurally sound roof over your head is an important investment to protect your home, so don’t let the recent storms get the best of you. Calling Advanced Roofing and Exteriors should be your first step in getting your home back to normal after experiencing storm damage.

I need someone to help repair my shingle roof!
Shingles are designed to withstand a lot of abuse from the elements, but when strong winds and severe storms hit, it’s best to use caution and have your roof inspected. Your trusted Charlotte roofer can usually repair your damaged asphalt shingles without a major inconvenience to you. One thing to consider is that if you see a roofing professional at your neighbor’s home, call Advance Roofing and Exteriors right away. If your neighbors have storm damage from recent strong winds, it’s likely that your home received the same strong winds and that your roof needs to be repaired, as well!

Get a free estimate from your trusted roofing company
The best roofing companies in the Ft. Mill / Rock Hill SC area offer free estimates for repairs, so you can know exactly what to expect during the repair process. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will work hard to ensure that you have all the information you need to begin your roof repair project. If you are planning on filing a claim with your homeowners insurance, you might want to consider these tips. Take note of the date that the damage occurred, so you can submit an accurate report of what happened to your insurance agent. It’s helpful to have photos available, in addition to notes.

Next, get an inspection! Before you say to your trusted roofers, repair my shingle roof, an inspection will help ensure that you are receiving the help you need with your damaged shingles roof, and can help you provide accurate information when submitting your claim to your insurance agent. If you are submitting a claim to your insurance agency, it can be helpful to meet with your insurance agent.  Keep your roofing estimate close by, and make your decision to hire a trusted roofing professional based on their reputation in the community, not just the price they’ve quoted you.

Get going on your roof repair project!
When your home suffers storm damage, don’t be afraid to call reputable roofers and say, repair my shingle roof! Your trusted roofing company can make the whole process easy on you, so you can have a dry roof sooner than you thought was possible. Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte roofing company today, and you’ll be one step closer to recovering from storm damage in Charlotte!