Is a metal roof right for me in Charlotte?

metal roofs

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After a recent storm caused a major damage to my roof, I wondered what material to use to replace it with. I had heard a lot about metal roofs and wondered if a metal roof was the right choice for me and my roof?   I knew they were getting popular in areas known for hailstorms.  After my own storm damage, I wondered if I should get one.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs have been used on commercial roofs and barns for many years because they are low maintenance and will suffer less damage than many other types of roofs. Metal roofing can withstand the elements of nature better than other materials.  It can bear the weight of a heavy snowfall or ice storm, and it will not rot from standing water.  While it can be damaged by hail, it is more resistant and has a class four rating.  This is the highest rating a roof can get, which means it would take larger hail to cause damage and the damage would be less than with other roof materials.

Benefits of a metal roof

Another benefit with metal roofs is that they do not rot or warp and they resist mildew buildup.  Because of this, they have a longer life span than other roof types.  Metal roofs can last thirty years and longer; some manufacturers have warranties for fifty years.

When I asked, “Is a metal roof right for me,” my trustworthy contractor in Charlotte, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, told me the advantages of metal roofing.  It will keep a home cooler during the summer and save on air conditioning costs.  Light-colored metal roofs deflect sunlight and diffuse heat.

Another cost-saving benefit is that roof installers can install it over your old roof because it is lightweight.  You do not have to pay to have the old roof torn off first.  Many people are surprised to find this out because they expect metal roofing to be heavier than it actually is.  Metal roofs are safer because they are fire resistant.  They have the highest fire rating of any roof type.  You can rest easier under a metal roof knowing you and your family are protected.

If your roof needs to be replaced, schedule an appointment with Charlotte’s reputable roofing contractor, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  A metal roofing expert can answer your questions about metal roofs and help you find the best material for your roof repair or replacement.