Metal roofs are the long-term solution in Charlotte NC

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in metal roofs and metal barn roofs Metal roofs are finally getting the respect they deserve! There are many excellent roofing options available to modern homeowners and business owners.  Some of those options include asphalt shingle roofs, wood shingle roofs, and ceramic roofs.  However, another option that many people do not consider is the metal roof.  Often times people believe that a metal roof is either extremely noisy in the rain or extremely unattractive in the light of day, and they also worry that a metal roof will quickly rust away to nothing when exposed to the elements.  However, none of these common misconceptions are true.  In fact, they could not be further from the truth.  Metal is by far one of the most superior options available for home roofs, commercial roofs, and even barn roofs.

One Charlotte NC contractor, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, is currently offering a wide variety of metal roofing styles and options for your home and business.  Their team of expert construction and roofing specialists can help you decide which metal roof option is right for you and your needs.  They will also install it on top of your home, business or barn quickly and professionally at a competitive price.

Why you should consider metal for commercial roofs

Business owners are all about the bottom line, which means that they want the most cost effective solutions available to solve their problems.  For that reason, smart business owners increasingly consider metal for their commercial roofs and metal barn roofs.  Indeed, metal roofing is highly energy efficient.  It reflects the heat of the sun during the summer, but absorbs and retains that very same heat in the winter, which ultimately translates into energy cost savings, which is good for the environment too!

Metal roofing lasts a very long time.  Contrary to popular belief, metal will not rust into oblivion after a couple years on top of your house, business or barn.  In fact, modern metal roofs and metal barn roofs come with as much as a 50-year warranty to guarantee their durability.  With a metal roof, you probably will never have to worry about replacing it again, unless you are a very young person, or if future medical technology allows us to live for hundreds of years into the future.  Indeed, your metal roof is probably going to outlast you and therefore it will be someone else to replace it when its day finally comes – and hopefully that person will also choose a metal roof!

Metal roofs are not abnormally loud.  Do not even think about the lousy, noisy metal roofs you remember from when you are a kid.  In fact, a metal roof is no louder than a regular roof when it is properly insulated.  Nor is a metal roof ugly.  These days, metal roofs, even metal barn roofs, come in every conceivable style that you can imagine.  What color do you want?  Pink, purple, rainbow?  You can probably find whatever shapes, styles, and colors you heart can imagine in the form of a metal roof.  But perhaps you should consider a more conservative color and style for your business.  Certainly the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, NC will encourage you to choose a style that makes your business as attractive as it can possibly be to your customers.

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