Needed: Charlotte roofers to repair my damaged shingle roof

When my Charlotte neighborhood was strewn with blown-off shingles all up and down the street and my neighbor pointed out I would need to repair my damaged shingle roof, I knew I was in over my head. Happily, the very same neighbor had some helpful suggestions.

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Stay on the ground

When you suspect you may have roof damage, stay on the ground and have professional and reliable Charlotte roof installers make a thorough inspection. Immediate repairs may need to be done to protect your home from further damage, and if you need to file a claim against your homeowners insurance policy, roof estimates as early as possible can help with the processing. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, offer free roof estimates, and will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure all aspects of damage to your asphalt shingles and to your home are included in the settlement.

Go for quality materials and industry expertise

When it comes to the materials that keep a sound roof over your head, make sure they are quality asphalt shingles with a nationally recognized reputation for performance and a warranty you can count on. Asphalt shingles come in varying weights, colors, shapes, and design, giving you a wide choice of roofing materials; experienced Charlotte roof installers can help you make the right choice for your residential roof repair, taking into account your roof design and the architectural style of your home. Visit for information on how these Charlotte roof installers address your needs when you have damage to your roof shingles.

Always use local roofers

Often, when an area has been hit by severe weather that inflicts widespread roof damage, storm chasers swoop in with promises of cut rates and immediate service. Do not use them. Storm chasers are only in your neighborhood, your town, or your state, because they hope you might easily fall prey to their unethical business practices of offering special deals that always seem to entail payment up front.

When you use the services of local Charlotte roof installers, you know where you can find them if you have questions or complaints after they have driven away!

Check references

Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and satisfied customer testimonials are a good place to read a little about prospective Charlotte roof installers, and to gain insight on whether they might be a good fit for your roofing project. Check references thoroughly.

When needed to repair my damaged shingle roof, I was fortunate to speak with a person who had recently been delighted with the roof repair service provided by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Log on to their website and complete their service request. Meet with one of their helpful and knowledgeable representatives, and you will see why I chose these reliable roofers to repair my damaged shingle roof!