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Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Finding the best roofing company in Charlotte

Season after season, Charlotte’s best roofing companies demonstrate why it is a good idea to trust your roof to local reputable, reliable and trustworthy roof installer. When widespread storm damage hits your region, it is understandable that the best roofers in town will be busy with roof repairs. Even if you have to wait a day or two for the best roofing company to fit you in, it is still a good idea to not use storm chasers. Charlotte’s best roofing companies do not use storm chasers to pad their work force during peak roof repair times and neither should you.

When storm chasers roll into town

Storm chasers are those guys in pickup trucks who descend on a town that has recently sustained severe storm damage. Taking advantage of how vulnerable you might feel, how inexperienced you may be with roof damages, how worried you are about the costs of roof repair or replacement, and how quickly you want repairs taken care of, storm chasers appear out of seemingly nowhere and tell you they can fix your roof, and they can fix it right now. With a vague reference to bits and pieces of roofing materials in the back of their truck, which they may claim is left over from a local roof repair job, storm chasers offer you a special low rate. They have neither a local address nor a license to do business in your town, and they ask for a substantial down payment. Many of these fly-by-night roof installers disappear as soon as you give them cash, though some do at least attempt to repair your roof. But who can you call if their job turns out to be substandard? Do not use storm chasers.

#1 Charlotte roofing company

The #1 Charlotte roofing company, according to its many loyal customers, is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, a family owned roofing and home improvement business which serves Charlotte and Concord NC, and beyond. This #1 Charlotte roofing company provides free written estimates for roof repairs, and can work with your homeowners insurance carrier to help make sure you receive all the money you are entitled to for repairs. Your home deserves the best roofers available when the roof is compromised by storm damage. Hold out for expert roof installers; they are well trained to do the job right, and are answerable to their bosses at Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies answerable to you

The best roofers at the best roofing company in Charlotte are answerable to you, the customer. Unless you are complete satisfied with their services, their roofing materials, and their workmanship, even Charlotte’s best roofing companies can find themselves at a business disadvantage.

When you call on Charlotte’s best roofing companies, you can expect excellent service and quality craftsmanship. At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, voted the #1 Charlotte roofing company several times running, the experienced and highly skilled roof installers have your interests at heart, and strive to restore your roof to peak performance. Check out Charlotte’s best roofing companies, and decide which is the best roofing company for you.