Recognizing a good Charlotte roofer

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A good Charlotte roofer is as unique as our weather. There are many good contractors in the Charlotte and Concord areas, and there are a few who stand out as the cream of the crop. Your home is your most significant investment. Most of us may know how to hang a light fixture or replace a faucet, but when it comes to maintaining our roof we need to rely on a trustworthy and honest professional. Roof replacement is something every homeowner will face at least once in a lifetime, but I can tell you from living in the Charlotte area that repair and maintenance can be a yearly concern.

The greatest factor affecting the lifespan of your roof is the weather. While the weather in Charlotte is not overly hostile, it is far from mild. The reality is that roofs take a cumulative beating all year around here. Charlotte averages 63 days a year when the temperature drops below freezing; that is two months of harsh cold weather, and most of that time there will be ice on your roof. If you think there is a break during the summer months, consider the fact that there are 112 days of precipitation each year and many summer thunderstorms are accompanied by hail. Throw in the occasional wind storm or hurricane, and this makes for a lot of punishment for the average roof.

Attributes of a good Charlotte roofing company

Let’s consider all of the characteristics that make a good contractor. The first attribute is experience. There is no substitute for experience. Charlotte roofing companies that are experienced know just what to look for after a spate of bad weather. They know which side of your roof is the most exposed to the elements; they understand the strengths and the weaknesses of the different types of roofing materials and the roofing designs that are particular to the Carolinas. An experienced contractor has a very good idea of what to expect, because chances are they have seen it before.  A good roofing contractor is professionally recognized. They will have a high rating and good record with the Better Business Bureau and/or enjoy high ratings with consumer review groups such as Angie’s list. Because of the high probability of storm damage in this area, a good roofing contractor will be familiar with the process for filing insurance claims for both repair and replacement. They are capable of developing a professional working relationship with adjusters, and can help you sort through the paperwork and claims procedures. This attribute should not be overlooked, as it can save you thousands of dollars. There are so many more attributes that can help you choose a Charlotte roofer, but these will help you to find the most capable and reliable companies.

A premier Charlotte roofing company

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