Success in Charlotte getting estimates on my roof repair

getting estimates on my roof repair

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Getting estimates on my roof repair after recent Charlotte winds left storm damage turned out to be easier than I had expected. Results from a pre-purchase home inspection when I bought my house eight years ago estimated 10 years of life left in the asphalt shingle roof, so I was not too surprised to find loose shingles on the ground the morning after the wind storm. Realizing I would

need to fix my damaged roof before the next rainstorm, I set about getting estimates on my roof repair.Go local, and go for valueI believe that supporting the local economy is a good reason to hire local roofing companies to fix my damaged roof, so I opened the yellow pages to see what the Charlotte and Concord NC areas have to offer by way of roof repair companies. Ouch. Slogging through that long list would take days on the phone and I probably still would not know who could fix my damaged roof. I went online and entered the search words: roof repair estimate, charlotte. Yikes. There are a lot of Charlotte area roofing companies who would like to fix my damaged roof.  How was I going to find someone local to give me a fair deal? If I was going to get roof estimates before the next rain, I needed a quicker way.

Word of mouth references

I called a few friends and family for help getting estimates on my roof repair, and several mentioned the personal references available from Now, that is more like it! Not only does Angie’s List provide customer reviews, the website also includes information about each roofer, like whether they will do repairs as well as new roof installations, how long they have been in business, what licenses they hold, whether they are insured and bonded, and so on. After reviewing a few that include Concord NC in their service area, I made a few phone calls and asked for free roof estimates to repair the storm damage to my roof.


Getting estimates on my roof repair was easy, now that I knew who to call, and selecting which roofers would fix my damaged roof was easy, too, after meeting the very professional representative from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte. I received two estimates; one for immediate repairs from the storm damage, and one for full roof replacement. Both roof estimates were thorough and detailed, and I felt confident making comparisons to the estimates offered by the other companies I had called.

My plan is to have Advanced Roofing and Exteriors fix my damaged roof, before another storm arrives, and to schedule a more permanent solution to potential storm damage; namely, a new roof, later this year.

Getting estimates on my roof repair has introduced me to the roofing professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Visit them online at to see if they are the kind of professionals you might want to do business with, too.  Having this reputable roofer in my home repair telephone directory is going to make my life as a homeowner a lot easier, I expect, and not just for getting estimates on my roof repair!