The joys of having a metal roof over your business

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors installs and repairs metal roofs for barns and businesses..Does your business need a new roof over its head?  Perhaps you have an old metal barn roof that needs to be replaced or maybe you are considering whether or not you want to change to a metal commercial roof for your business. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers metal roofing installation and repair for barns and other commercial properties.

Some interesting facts about metal roofing

The first thing you might be thinking, if you do not have a properly insulated metal roof, is that metal roofing is extremely loud when it rains.  But this could not be further from the truth.  The fact of the matter is that if you install your metal roofing appropriately and insulate it properly, your roof will not be any louder than other roofing options made from asphalt, wood, and clay.

Secondly, if you remember the old saying about the cat on the hot tin roof, then you might be thinking that metal roofs absorb the heat of the sun and will make the inside of your building hot.  However, the reality is that metal roofs are more efficient insulators than asphalt and fiberglass shingles.  This is because when it is hot, commercial roofs made out of metal keep your building cool by reflecting the heat from the sun out and away from the building.  When it is cold they keep your building warm by reflecting the heat of the building back down inside the building.

Another great thing about metal roofs is that if you are replacing your roof, it is not necessary to remove the old roof first.  You can simply place the new metal roof on the top of the old one, which makes for a much faster and cleaner installation process.

Will it last as long as other roofs?

Metal is one of the strongest and most durable roofing materials available.  In fact, some metal roofing options offer a 50-year warranty and are guaranteed against winds of up to 120 miles per hour.  Plus, metal roofs are fire safe.  They are classified as “non-combustible” and receive the highest fire safety rating available.  For example, metal barn roofs are known to last for years and years, and although they might be a little more expensive, they will outlast other options available.  Therefore, metal is more economical in the long-term.

Can I get the look and style of my choice?

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, North Carolina currently offers beautiful roofing options in metal.  You can get the classic ribbed steel look, simulated cedar shingles, simulated Spanish clay, simulated slate, and you can choose from any number of colors, textures, and styles.

The best roofing material available for business

Metal roofs are constructed from the material Galvalume, which is a kind of sheet steel that is coated with Aluminum-Zinc.  Galvalume has become one of the most popular materials for commercial roofs (including metal barn roofs) due to its resilience to the elements, energy efficiency, resistance to fire, ease of installation, and its clean and attractive appearance.

What are you waiting for? Get your metal roof today! Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte offers free estimates on metal roof repair and replacement work.  If you live in the Charlotte area, schedule an appointment for an estimate today by visiting Advanced Roofing and Exteriors on the web at