Tips to finding a reliable contractor in Charlotte, NC

Finding a reliable roofing contractor

Charlotte and Concord NC roofing contractors

The process of hiring a professional service can be nerve wracking if you know little or nothing about the service; this is why finding a reliable roofing contractor can cause some anxiety for homeowners. Let’s face it, we the general public, are sometimes at a disadvantage, when we deal with establishments such as automobile dealerships, plumbers, computer repair shops, and any other entity that is restrained only  by their own sense of ethics. To a certain extent, we as consumers must bear some responsibility. If you have money to invest, you must educate yourself as to what are sound investments and what are risky ones, and what are scams. If you own a car, you must have some basic understanding of how it works. If you have a medical diagnosis that you are unsure of, get a second opinion.

As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself to have a basic understanding of how things work around your house, including your roof. However, just like your automobile, there are components of your car to which you simply do not have the training, the knowledge, the skill, or the time to repair it or replace it. You have to find a reliable roofing contractor, and you should do your best to make your reliable roofing contractor a regular part of your home maintenance plan.

Looking for reputable roofing companies

The number one way to find a reliable contractor is to rely on word of mouth. We are not talking about a coworker whose brother in law does roofing on his days off. We are referring to professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s list. Also another reference would be Business Network International or the Home Builders Association of Charlotte.  This will give you a good indication of the Charlotte roofing contractors in your area who are established and have developed professional reputations.

Once you select a short list of contractors from screening the professional references, consider the years of experience, then the offerings from the materials and workmanship warrantees.  This is where you will determine your best value for the money. When you get an estimate or proposal, pay close attention to how long the materials are backed up by the manufacturer and how long the workmanship is covered by the contractor. A good contractor will offer a workmanship warranty from at least 3-5 years. Ask them if they also have a follow up or maintenance program to help keep your roof in top shape. The product manufacturers should offer time honored warrantees with a certain period of replacement of faulty materials at no charge.

Another important criterion is to check the most recent references of each contractor. Look for projects similar in size to your own. This will demonstrate that the contractor is currently active and meeting their obligations in a timely and efficient way. Make sure that your estimates and proposals contain compulsory information such as licensing identification and insurance certificates for worker’s compensation as well as liability.

A reliable reference in the Charlotte area

If you are looking for Charlotte or Concord roofing companies, I recommend that you consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors as a premier and trustworthy contractor. They have an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and they have a solid history of more than twenty years of roof repair and replacement in the Charlotte area. They stand behind their work with a workmanship warranty and are certified to install roofs for major manufacturers. Most importantly, they are viewed by their customers and honest and reliable. Call them today to schedule a free estimate. I assure you that you will be finding a reliable roofing contractor.