What sidings will a Charlotte NC roofing company choose?

What are the different materials in sidings?

A roofing company in Charlotte NC may often need to replace sidings. Many individuals know they have the choice of aluminum and vinyl, but there are in fact a few more choices. These include fiber cement, wood, steel and the aluminum and vinyl.

If you need new sidings, be sure to read below and see what the differences are between each.

A Roofing company loves fiber cement sidings

These may not be as durable as some materials, but when installed in a Concord NC home, they may resemble wood. They also have less maintenance and will not attract insects or bugs. Fiber cement is also fire resistant, so it will not add to the buildup of a fire on the house.

The biggest drawbacks are you need more people to install and they cost 2-3 times more than vinyl.

 Charlotte’s best roofing companies use vinyl as a budget option

With about 30% of the market share in new home installations, vinyl sidings are the market leader. It is attractive, durable and has many choices of color. Homeowners who care about their budget favor it.

Vinyl has many features. There are horizontal, vertical, Dutch lap, shakes, tiles, beads and board sabers, and many other designs, a good local roofing company can work with all types.

Wooden sidings fitted by Charlotte NC roofing contractors

Wooden siding adds beauty and naturalness to exteriors. As it ages, it changes its natural colors. You can choose from a few, such as redwood, spruce, cedar, fir and pine. Other than that, there are texturing profiles to pick from.

This is often used by property owners looking for a traditional style home. It is timeless compared to other materials, and when installed correctly, it can last a long time. A significant benefit of wood siding is that a roofing company can change a small section instead of having to change the entire panels.

What about metal sidings?

While aluminum is waning as a cladding material for residential homes. Steel is gaining popularity when the building is retro or modern in style. They often use aluminum in waterfront homes because it will not rust, and steel is used in areas prone to hail.

Charlotte NC roofing contractors are siding installers

All the sidings mentioned above differ in features and price. Besides this, the length of installation with a good roofing company may be much longer for something like fiber cement compared to vinyl. Lots depends on the house you live in, and what looks good. Even when using Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, some materials take time to work with them.

If you need a replacement siding, or if you are thinking about installing new siding, you can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and their professional team can discuss all your options. If your budget is a problem, they will show you how to make changes, or suggest other ways to transform your home for a fraction of the cost.