Winterize your Charlotte, NC roof with help from Advanced Roofing

Roofing Company in Charlotte, NCPlan ahead for winter with these tips

A roofing company Charlotte can take care of your roof before Jack Frost blows in the chilly weather. Maintain your roof this winter by taking proactive steps this fall. Here are a few things you can do before a roofing company comes to check things out:

  • Cut back any low hanging branches or other vegetation. Ice can accumulate on these branches, weighing them down. Unfortunately, if these branches are near your roof, they could cause a problem. An iced over branch could damage your shingles, as well as down power lines and cable connections.
  • Look for animal activity. If you notice mice, raccoons or squirrels are hanging around too close to your home, make sure to let your roofing company Charlotte, NC know. A skilled roofer can look for signs of animal infestation at the upper most part of your home.
  • Clean the debris and leaves from your gutters. Your gutters are a safety system for you home, making sure that water flows away from the house. If they are clogged, chances are the water they should drain will find its way to your home, damaging the exterior and interior. A pressure washer or high pressure water hose can be used to quickly and easily clean your gutters, but if they prove problematic or it’s been a while between cleanings, find a professional.

Once you’ve handled these three steps, call a roofing company in Concord, NC to properly inspect the conditions of your roof. A trained eye can see problems before they arise, and problems are much easier to fix in the fall than in the dead of winter.

Best roofing company Charlotte to winterize your roof

There are plenty of do-it-yourself videos and write-ups for winterizing your roof on the internet, but this can be a dangerous option. First, caring for and maintaining a roof requires knowledge and skill, the kind of skill that comes from an experienced roofing company in Charlotte, NC.

Climbing a ladder to inspect a roof can be hazardous, and once on the roof, generally it takes a trained eye from a roofer with experience at a roofing company in Concord, NC. A technician can spot weaknesses on the roof that could lead to problems in the future.  Don’t wait until winter to find the weak spots in your roof.

Check for loose shingles or weak spots in your roof before the temperatures drop. Finding an issue now is much easier to solve in the fall than in the winter. Contact two time winner of Angie’s List’s Super Service Award and a trusted member of the Home Builder’s Association of Charlotte: Charlotte’s best roofing company, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, located in Charlotte, NC and Concord, NC.