Charlotte roofing contractor: Things to do while waiting for help

What to do while waiting for the Charlotte roofing contractor

Charlotte roofing contractor

When your roof is leaking, you’ll want to call a Charlotte roofing contractor, but you’ll also want to take some steps to protect your property until they come. There are things you can do to minimize the damage, so long as you don’t mistake them for permanent solutions. It will also give you time to get some bids from the best roofing contractors in Concord, NC, rather than choosing the first contractor to offer his or her services.

Some quick fixes you can make

The first thing you should do, of course, is take anything that could be damaged by moisture out of the attic and store it somewhere safer. Get some buckets, place them under the leaks and keep an eye on them during rainy weather to make sure they’re not overflowing.

If you can find and reach the place where the water is getting in, there might be a way of temporarily plugging the leak, depending on the size of it. If it’s just a crack between the shingles, you can use high-grade roofing tar. If it’s a few inches wide, you can use a piece of flashing held in place with roofing cement. The trick is to make sure you’ve got the upper edge of the flashing underneath the nearest undamaged shingles. (You can also use roofing cement to patch up damaged flashing.)

If you don’t have a big enough piece of flashing, you can use a waterproof tarp. Make sure the tarp covers the leak completely and that the edge of the tarp overhangs the edge of the roof. If it takes more than one tarp — we’re obviously talking about a lot of damage here — put the lower tarp on first and make sure the upper tarp overlaps it by at least a foot and a half. Try to do these things without actually setting foot on your roof.

If the roof is deteriorating over its whole surface and needs replacement, covering it with a layer of roofing tar may help until the roofing contractor come. At this time of year, the tar should be warm enough to apply without heating it.

The best Charlotte roofing contractor

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