Not all Charlotte roofing contractors are created equal

Charlotte roofing contractorsLook for experience in a Charlotte roofing company

If you are looking for Charlotte roofing contractors, you are better off looking for roofing companies that have been around for a long time. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all roofing contractors are the same. Roofing repair and replacement is not a simple process of tearing shingles off and nailing new ones on. You might be surprised to learn that the average start up roofing company is out of business within the first 5 years. We are not talking about 40% even 50% of new contractors. Figures show that an astounding 80% of new roofing contractors are out of the business by then.

Homeowners are left holding the bag

This means that all the homeowners that have roofs installed by these companies will need to find a new roof installer for repairs long before the warrantee has ended. What if you have a problem that is related to the workmanship warranty? In that case, you will end up paying another contractor to correct work that should have been done right in the first place. They say that numbers do not lie, and the truth is that roofing contractors do not stay in business for decades without keeping customers satisfied.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies… not the cheapest

It is unfortunate but understandable that the number one criterion that customers use to choose roofing companies is price. The standard method is that the homeowner will call two or three Charlotte roofing companies and will take bids and go with the lowest price. Quite often, they will look the other way, hoping that the lowest priced job will get done without any problems on down the road.

The problem is that new contractors will heavily discount their prices in effort to land the job, and you can be sure that heavy discounts means cutting corners somewhere. Make sure that you get quotes for the exact same scope of work, using the exact same materials from each contractor. This will ensure that you are getting apples to apples estimates. As mentioned above, it is best to go with experienced contractors who have been around for at least ten years. Your roof is exposed to very harsh elements so it never pays to use the cheapest materials, especially in Charlotte, NC.

One of the most experienced roofing companies in Charlotte, NC

When choosing a roofing company to perform your roof repairs, consider working with a local family owned business. Local contractors are part of the community, and will appreciate your business every step of the way. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in numerous exterior home improvement projects throughout the Charlotte and Concord, NC. They have been serving the community for over twenty years. Call them today for a free estimate from one of the premier Charlotte roofing contractors.