Do not compromise when hiring Charlotte roofing contractors

Charlotte roofing contractorsHiring an experienced Charlotte roofing company

When hiring a Charlotte roofing contractor there are qualities in which you should never compromise. Regular roof repair, and timely roof replacement are crucial elements in maintaining the first line of protection for your home. It also allows your roof to provide the best possible energy efficiency. Therefore it is best to select a contractor who has the years of experience and who does not cut corners when it comes to meeting the minimum requirements for anyone that you hire to work on your home. It is not hard to figure out what should be the minimum qualifications for a contractor; the following items will help to simplify the process of hiring the right one for your roof.

Charlotte’s best roof contractors are properly credentialed

Your roof protects your home, but you must make sure that your investment and your livelihood is protected. Making sure that your roofing contractor is licensed and properly credentialed protects your warranty and ensures that you are dealing with a reputable contractor who has sufficient skill to perform the work. Anyone can claim to be an expert, but contractor licensing ensures that contractors have demonstrated working knowledge to the licensing authorities. Roofing materials manufacturers will void product warranties if the work was not performed by a licensed contractor. It is also important to see if the contractor is certified by the manufacturers for installation of their products.

Charlotte roofing contractors must be insured

It does not matter whether the project is roof replacement, regular repairs, or roofing restoration; the contractor must carry insurance. They must carry liability insurance, which protects your family, neighbors, and any property that is damaged by the roofing company. The contractor must also carry worker’s compensation insurance. This will protect your assets in the event that one or more of the roof installers or one of the company employees gets injured on your project. Be sure to ask the roofing contractor for proof of insurance before signing a contract or before the work begins. A reputable roofing contractor will submit proof of insurance as part of the written proposal.

Charlotte roofing companies provide warranties and contracts

Roofing materials are covered by a warranty that could range from 15 years to a lifetime. It is also important that your roofing contractor offers a warranty for their workmanship. The work done by any reputable roofing contractor should be guaranteed for at least a year. Make sure that this workmanship guarantee is in writing. It should spell out the details of what will be done to correct any work that was defective in any way.

The contractor should also provide a legal contract for even the most basic repairs and roofing replacement. The contract should specify everything from material costs to payment schedule and the completion date. The contract should also itemize roofing materials by brand and type. And finally, the contract should also include details such as cleanup during and after the project as well as how any change requests are to be handled.

Family owned roofing company in Charlotte, NC

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