Hiring roofing contractors to repair roof damage

Roof installation from one of the best roofing contractorsRoofing contractors will repair damage to your roof

There are many different causes of roof damage.  Some are related to the type of roof you have, while others may be caused by weather or age.  Depending upon the type of damage to your roof, roofing contractors can either repair or replace the roof.  There are some common types of roof damage.

Common causes of roof damage

  • Wind damage. Over time, the nails in your roofing materials may loosen, allowing shingles to rise as air hits them.  When this happens, even a moderate wind can lift your roof shingles, damaging them or even tearing them off.  In the Charlotte and Concord NC area, this happens quite often, especially during hurricane season.   To help prevent this type of damage, it is important to regularly check your roof and ensure there are no loose shingles.  If you find some, give one of Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors a call.
  • Poor maintenance. Ongoing and regular maintenance on your roof is one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs or replacement.  If you roof is flat or has little slope, it is especially important to make any necessary repairs as quickly as possible to prevent further damage from water or wind.
  • Other damage from weather. Even if your roof is resistant to wind damage, over time roofing materials are damaged by exposure to the weather.  Cold, heat, wind, and sunlight all do their part in damaging your roofing materials.  Heat can melt the shingle adhesive, allowing shingles to loosen and rise.  Extreme cold can cause shingles to get brittle and crack.  Wind will loosen and tear off shingles, while sunlight can dry out shingles, making them more vulnerable to damage.
  • Flashing problems. Flashing is put in place to help form a water-tight boundary between the sections of your roof and other parts of your home.  If flashing is not properly installed or becomes damaged, leaks can occur.  A leak can wreak havoc on both your roof and the structure of your home.  Most flashing problems are a result of installation errors or design issues.  They can also be caused by wind damage.  It is important to regularly inspect the flashing on your home when you do your annual or periodic roof inspections.   This helps catch any problems early so that repairs may be made and further damage prevented.

Annual roof inspections, focusing on identifying damage, leaks, or worn materials can help identify problems early while they are still minor.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies will carefully inspect your roof and evaluate any damage for repair or replacement.  Give them a call to set up your roof inspection today.