In over your head? Charlotte roofing contractors can help

Charlotte roofing contractors

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Choosing a Charlotte roofing contractor

Every Charlotte NC homeowner needs a reference list of names and contact information for Charlotte roofing contractors experienced in roof repairs. Even though the roof is an important component of their home, for many people, any problem with their roof finds them in over their heads.  When their roof requires repair, homeowners are often at a loss for where to turn for help.

No time to waste

When your roof sustains damage from a passing storm, your first thought is to have it quickly repaired or replaced. If your go-to telephone list already includes reliable roofing companies, you are half way to getting the problem resolved. Charlotte roofing contractors like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors go on alert when severe weather strikes their service area, and are ready for your service call. Visit them online at for more information on their services in the Charlotte and Concord NC regions.

Be prepared

It may seem a stretch to be looking for Charlotte roofing contractors before you actually need them, but if you can, take the time to do some checking around for local roof companies you know you can trust when the need arises. Why? Because when you are faced with the potential for even more damage if you delay, you could become prime fodder for a variety of roofing scams.  Fraudulent roofing companies prey on vulnerable homeowners; they come with a full bag of tricks and have become increasingly bold in their tactics.

Storm chasers and other fly-by-night visitors

There are many ways in which unsuspecting homeowners might fall victim to roofing scams. From unlicensed storm chasers to cagey door-to-door salesman, hucksters who want to cheat you out of your money follow sever storm damage on the weather channel; prepare fliers offering of free inspections, and then pack up their trucks and head for your neighborhood. These storm chasers understand how insurance claims work, and using the local standard for roof square footage, always manage to low-ball other roof repair estimates.

Hard sell specialists

Often targeting neighborhoods with large numbers of older homes and senior citizens, hard sell salesmen show up and offer a free roof inspection. With promises of special low rates to repair damage, which may or may not be real, the contractor pressures you into signing a contract on the spot. High pressure tactics hope to get you into a legally binding contract before you see other bids. These con artists count on your wanting to avoid a legal battle.

Prepayment required

Reliable roof companies seldom request prepayment for materials or labor. If your roofer asks for cash to pay for materials or labor, think hard before handing it over. Some trustworthy Charlotte roofing companies do, under certain circumstances, ask for payment of materials already delivered to your site. This is standard procedure, and acceptable. Never, ever, pay for materials you do not already have in your possession.

You get what you pay for

Storm chasers charging cut rates have no incentive to produce high quality work, and consumers have no way to hold them accountable for a bad job. Unreliable roofing companies and other storm chasers, if they in fact do any work at all, perform just the bare minimum to repair your roof. They do not address any other problems or restore your roof to its original condition. You have paid for a poorly constructed roof which can be expected to last perhaps 5 to 7 years, and the roofer is nowhere to be found.

Having trustworthy Charlotte roofing contractors on your side makes all the difference in the world when you need roof repair or a roof replacement. With reputable and experienced roof companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offering services to the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, you can rest assured that when you call, your roof repair or replacement needs will be met or exceeded. Call the Charlotte roofing contractors with the reputation for great service: call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.