Metal Roof- is it the right choice for my roof?

I live in Charlotte and I’m thinking about a Metal Roof. Is it a good choice for my new roof?

You’ve heard about metal roofs but wonder if it’s the right choice for you. Here are some common questions about metal roofs:

  • Will it last?’Metal Shingle
  • Is it noisy when it rains?
  • Does it rust?

Metal roofing has evolved dramatically over the years. According to the MRA (Medal Roofing Alliance,) metal roofing was originally offered only as vertical, roll-formed panels, with didn’t fit in most suburban neighborhood decors. Today, there are metal roofs that resemble shingles, tiles, slate and cedar shakes. It’s even possible to treat the metal and give it an aged appearance so that it fits with the age of the home. The average roof life of a shingle roof is less than seventeen years, and requires a full replacement every 10-15 years. Metal roofs last up to 40 to 60 years due to the engineering of the product. A metal roof has superior corrosion resistance, additional UV protection and can stand up to 120 mph winds.

Metal roofs don’t curl, crack, warp, split or break. They have excellent ventilation- with their nonporous surface, which prevents the freezing, and thawing that occurs in colder climates, and provides protection from fires.

Today’s metal roofing material is strong, long lasting, weather-resistant and conserves more energy than traditional asphalt shingles.  Metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but are a better investment. Metal roofs actually cost less than asphalt roofs once you consider the life span of the product.  In some cases, home appraisers increase the sale price of a home with metal roofs by $1.45 per square. Some insurance companies provide up to a 35% discount on home insurance, when you have a metal roof, due to the extra hail and weather protection it provides.

Metal roofs are also economical and give homeowners an energy savings of 20% or more due to a reduction in the attic heat gain and the sun’s reflection. Metal roofs reflect solar energy and cool your home by re-emitting most of the solar radiation that is absorbed.

Metal roofs are easy to install and can be installed over existing asphalt roofs. There is no tear down process and this reduces landfill waste, and panels easily snap together. Most metal roofing products are made up of 56% recycled material and this also helps the environment.

If a house is properly insulametal shake for a metal roofted, it is not noisy when it rains, although some people really enjoy the sounds of rain on a metal roof.  The existing decking and remaining shingles also buffer the sound, and most people don’t hear anything different than a shingle roof when it rains.

If you have been considering a metal roof, contact your local Charlotte roofing contractor, here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and we will bring over samples of metal roofs and answer any questions you may have about installing a metal roof for your home or business.  We hope you choose us as your Charlotte metal roof installer.