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Finding the right Charlotte roofing contractor is important

I was watching the World Series of Poker and I was amazed at the ability of the players to calculate the risk, and increase their chances for winning a hand. Fortunately, when it comes to finding the right roofing contractor for Charlotte and Concord, NC, you do not have the luxury to gamble, or take a calculated risk. Your roof has to function at 100% and your choice of contractors has to be right on target. Your roof is the ultimate protection for your home.

It not only protects the structure of the house, but also the infrastructure of your house. In other words, your roof protects your plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, and floor coverings. If any of these systems are damaged by weather or water, it will cost you literally thousands of dollars in repairs.  In addition, your roof is an important factor in the proper ventilation and insulation of your home, affecting your heating and cooling costs. Charlotte has a lot of good roofing contractors that can do a good job; but for me, the real separator is the experience of the contractor, and the fact that they are willing to stand behind their work.

Experienced Charlotte and Concord NC roofing contractors

An experienced contractor understands that your roof will last longer without problems if you have a regular inspection program.  Preventative maintenance keeps your roof in good repair so that those little problems that can develop from a 15 minute hailstorm do not grow into a problem that causes you thousands of dollars in repair and replacement of property.  Good roofing contractors do not just come out and give your roof the “once over” and then drive away. Good roofing contractors understand that you are trying to keep the value in your home, and they will give you a written report that documents each inspection.

This maintenance record is also going to help you with future claims for storm damage or material warrantees if necessary.  The fact that a roofing contractor is willing to come back for scheduled maintenance, means that they are committed to standing behind their work. The worst feeling in the world can be to have work done by contractors who fail to come back to the project in the event that something needs to be redone.

A roofing company that stands behind its work

If you live in the Charlotte or Concord areas, you should consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors as one of the premier roofing companies around.  They have specialized in roof replacement and repairs for over twenty years, making them one of the most experienced and reputable roofing companies in Charlotte, NC. They use first class materials and are committed to providing top quality service to their customers. Their guarantee is simple, they stand by their work; using only prime roofing materials that can withstand years in the elements.  Call them today to schedule for a free estimate and learn more about the importance of Charlotte roofing contractors.