Charlotte’s best commercial roofer explains common flat roof issues

A commercial roofer can help you decide if you should install a flat roof

Charlotte’s best commercial roofer insist on the need to understand the different roof types before deciding on which to install. Not only residential roofs are susceptible to leaks, damage, and maintenance requirements. Materials used for commercial flat roofing are likewise susceptible to damage and issues. Commercial flat roof experts have installed, repaired, and replaced thousands of different flat roofing materials, so they have encountered many of the same problems. In order to help business owners and managers know what to look for, we spoke with the professionals and put together a list of the top commercial flat roof issues:

Sloping concerns

Any roof that is completely level throughout will be more vulnerable to issues than a roof with even a slight slope. Flat roofs allow water and debris to collect in one spot for a fairly long time, which can result in the formation of weak spots in the roof. A leak could seriously harm the interior of a structure if a flat roof has a lot of standing water in one place. Our business flat roofing specialists would be pleased to discuss how adding even a small slope to the roof might help prevent this issue! Certain roofs can withstand standing water. Be sure to talk this over with one of our specialists because every roof is unique.

Improper drainage

Experts encounter several roof leaks that may have been prevented with adequate drainage. If the water has nowhere to go, it will remain on your roof and may result in significant harm. Verify the functionality of the roof drains.

Multiple roofing layers

Roofing firms frequently install a new roof directly on top of an existing one when a commercial flat roof has to be replaced or repaired. Even though it might be OK once or twice, putting many layers of roofing is never a good idea. The installation of the new materials could be hampered by deteriorating elements underneath.

Improper maintenance

We frequently run across this issue, which is also quite simple to fix. Even while the majority of commercial flat roofs don’t require much upkeep, keeping a check on it on a regular basis can help you avoid serious problems like leaks, heavy debris, degradation, and more. In addition to many other fantastic features, experts offer professional maintenance services to our business clients. This also applies to routine roof care, even if you don’t believe any damage needs to be repaired. Additionally, consumers may view invoices, service photographs, and much more through the program.

Hire Charlotte’s best commercial roofer

Commercial flat roofs may look attractive, but they can have numerous issues if not well maintained. Work with the best commercial roofer in Charlotte NC for outstanding results. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.