Best commercial roofer’s premade dormers in Charlotte

Commercial roofers in Charlotte have a prefabricated dormer solution that is fast and easy to install on-site.

Commercial roofers in Charlotte have various roof dormer types

Roof dormers can improve the architectural design of your home, add living space, and provide other benefits, but what are your options?

After delving into the 2 dormer types if the day, we’ll quickly explore feasibility considerations and the pros and cons of building a dormer.

Two styles of premade roof dormers overview

Commercial roofers can offer these most common types of dormer for you to compare along with construction costs for each. As you will see, several dormer styles go by more than one name.

A roofing material you select can be a significant cost factor. For example, a tile roof will cost much more than a roof covered with shingles.

  • Arched top or barrel roof dormer:

A rounded top is the hallmark of this dormer type that has some wall space on the sides and front. An arched or barrel dormer adds a soft contrast to the sharp, straight lines of most sloped roofs. This dormer type is less commonly called a segmental roof dormer.

  • Flat roof dormer:

The flat roof on these dormers gives them a boxy appearance that isn’t as attractive as other types. However, building costs for the simple style are lower and the shape maximizes space beneath the roof and allows for larger windows and their advantages. These dormers are installed to create more space beneath, so they are usually large.

Feasibility considerations of a dormer

Question: Is a roof dormer even feasible for your property?

Answer: It depends on the type of your roof frame.

The pros

There are several good reasons for a roof dormer:

  • Dormers add architectural interest, accent, and detail to your property;
  • Roof dormers add light;
  • Roof dormers improve ventilation;
  • When dormers are large, they provide more room and headspace;
  • In addition to light, the dormer provides another view of the world outside;
  • In emergencies, a dormer window provides an exit opportunity.

The cons

What should you be aware of before committing to a dormer?

  • Extra cost: Dormers require additional building materials and time — the inputs that increase the cost of construction.
  • In 20-30 years, windows within the dormers will need replacement, another significant cost.
  • Most dormers create valleys on either side, and valleys are notorious for leaks because a higher volume of water runs through them.

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Commercial roof premade dormers can give your property a re-defined look. Our premade commercial and residential dormers come in different styles, sizes, and shapes.  Contact us today to learn more. At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, we offer commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.