Commercial roofer: A detailed explanation on the intensive green roofs in Charlotte NC

Commercial Roofers in Charlotte are helping commercial building owners to know more about intensive green roofs. Green roofs are one of the best roof choices when it comes to commercial buildings. They are very popular because of their many benefits, including the beautiful aesthetics it gives the building. However, there are 2 major types of green roofs – intensive green roofs and extensive green roofs.

Unfortunately, not many people know the difference between the two, nor do they know which one to choose. Well, this is why we are here for you. Keep reading to find out more about the intensive green roof system and what it means.

What is the intensive green roof system?

The intensive green roof system, which is also known as a garden roof, is a type of green roof that has a variety of vegetation. The plants range from flowers to herbaceous plants, shrubs, perennials, and so on. The variety of plants is what adds to the beauty of the roof. However, the selection of plants and the design of the roof affect the maintenance process.

Commercial roofers agree that one very good thing about intensive green roofs is that they serve as a recreational and relaxation place for the staff, and restaurants too. If you are planning on having a roof restaurant, this is one of the best roofs to go for. Not only is the air purified, thanks to the vegetation, but the beautiful flowers and shrubs serve as a resting place for birds. You can imagine the beautiful view it would give your customers! No need to worry about the roof collapsing. Unlike most other roofs, the intensive green roof can carry a much heavier weight.

However, intensive green roofs require more maintenance than any other roof. This is because it is built upon layers of structural support, insulation layers, waterproof membrane, roof drainage media, and roof protection. Also, green roofs are quite more expensive because of these same reasons. But looking at the numerous benefits from the green roofs, these setbacks are only minor and can be managed.

Finding Charlotte’s #1 commercial roofer

Green roofs are widely accepted across the region. You stand to attract more people to your business with a beautiful green roof aesthetic. But you should make sure to hire only the best and certified Commercial roofer for your Charlotte building.

Improper installation would cause you more expenses than you think. Fortunately, a skilled roofer can prevent such misfortune. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.