Charlotte’s best commercial roofer breaks down the cost of a roof job

A commercial roofer can help you know how much the reroofing project will cost

Charlotte’s best commercial roofer can help you maintain a strong and sturdy roof. The cost is probably your top concern if it’s time to replace or repair the roof of your commercial establishment. To assess the entire degree of any pre-existing damage and the remaining lifespan of your roof, a complete inspection will be required. While small damage can often be repaired, more significant damage from things like severe hailstorms or strong winds can often only be repaired by completely replacing the roof. When evaluating the overall cost of commercial roof repair or replacement, several factors come into play. Review a few of the variables that affect roofing costs to better understand how your money is being spent.


Your business building’s roof type will have a significant impact on the overall cost. Today, a wide variety of roofing materials are accessible, each with advantages and disadvantages. A thermoplastic roof membrane is the commercial roofing solution that we install most frequently.

Another form of business roof that is particularly good at reflecting light and withstanding weathering is a thermoplastic roof membrane. These membranes are reasonably priced and constructed of materials like PVC. Restaurants love these sorts of membrane roofs because of their capacity to drain grease, oil, and chemicals. Before requiring significant repair or replacement, a PVC roof membrane should last roughly 20 years.

You must balance the advantages and disadvantages of your alternatives before deciding whether to completely replace your commercial roof. Consider which materials are best for your climate because they come in a wide variety of prices and qualities. The warranties provided for each type of roof are something else to take into account. For any business, roofing installation or repair may be a significant investment, so it’s crucial to discuss your alternatives with a reputable roofing consultant.

Building code requirements

Your commercial building may need to meet certain wind load criteria depending on where it is located. These specifications state that a certain fastener must be used to withstand strong winds or bad weather. Some codes may outline the required roof slope or the kind of insulation that must be placed. Varying RF ratings for insulation come with different price tags, which can significantly affect the bottom line. Find out how these specifics may affect the final cost of your roof repair or replacement by speaking with your roofing company.

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Commercial re-roofing can be expensive but it is totally worth it if done properly. Work with Charlotte’s best commercial roofer for the best results.

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