Commercial roofer: The best of green roofs in Charlotte NC

A commercial roofer in Charlotte agrees that green roofs are one of the best types of roofs for commercial buildings. Green roofs are commercial roofs that are covered in green vegetation. They are also known as vegetative or eco-roofs. Green roofs add beauty to the building.

A green roof consists of lots of layers – vegetation, growing medium, drainage layer, waterproof layer, a strong roofing membrane, thermal insulation, vapor control layer, and control roof support, and structural roof support.

Types of green roofs

A commercial roofer in Charlotte explains that greed roofs are divided into two categories: Intensive and Extensive. In most cases, they are divided into three categories: Intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive.

Intensive green roofs weigh more pounds, approximately 150 pounds per square foot. This type of green roof takes a lot more effort to manage because it is quite similar to managing an actual garden.

Extensive green roofs, on the other hand, are much smaller and carry less weight – approximately 60 pounds per square foot. They are allowed to grow without restrictions, i.e., they are allowed to grow naturally. As it is like that, extensive green roofs require less maintenance when compared to intensive green roofs.

Benefits of using green roofs in Charlotte NC

Aside from its impeccably beautiful appearance in roofs, green roofs have a lot of other benefits which are divided into public and personal.

  1. Protective layers

A green roof has lots of layers and that makes it very less likely for water to get in. This reduces any associate waste that would have occurred. Instead, the water is returned to the atmosphere, after being stored in the substrate, through transpiration. As it is summer, the green roofs hold more water.

  1. Improved air quality

Green roofs help filter the sir around the city by reducing the particles of dust and other air-borne pollutant flying all over.

  1. Recreational space

Green roofs can serve as a recreational space for children, including adults too. It can also serve as a terrace restaurant. Green roofs absorb a huge amount of sunlight, thus making the environment conducive for outdoor activities.

  1. Low noise

Vegetative roofs absorb lots of noise, especially when it is raining heavily. It also extends the lifespan of the roof because the green vegetation protects the roof from any harsh weather conditions or damages that may occur. Installing green roofs is a very good investment.

  1. Eco-friendly

This one goes without any explanation. Green roofs are very environmentally friendly. The vegetation could serve as home to some news and other beneficial participants of nature.

Charlotte’s #1 Commercial roofer

A commercial roofer in Charlotte encourages building owners to go green if need be. It is very cost-effective and adds beauty to the building. But before doing so, please inspect your roof to know if it is capable of handling the many layers of a green roof.

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