Commercial roofers in Charlotte NC help defoam roofs

Commercial roofers, through their expertise, can help a lot in solving problems with the roof in your house. Over time, plants accumulate on a roof. Not only is it unsightly, but it is dangerous for the integrity and waterproofing of the cover. This is because once the moss is accumulated, they clog the exfiltration channels and damage the roof. To remedy this, it is necessary to carry out a defoaming of the roof by employing the services of a roofing company.

When to defoam

Depending on the type of roofing (tiles, slates, etc.) and the slope of the roof, it is advisable to carry out moss removal at least every 10 years. It will also depend on climatic conditions and the immediate environment of the house (trees, branches, etc.). For an old house, it is advisable to check every 2 years and watch for the appearance of the first traces of moss. Old houses are more susceptible to accumulating moss, so with them, you need to take defoaming more seriously.

How to deform

To remove moss, the first step is to clean the roof. Then, you have to clean the visible traces of plants with a stiff brush and water. Everything is then rinsed using a garden hose or a medium pressure cleaner. Once the roof is clean, some products, like herbicides, may be applied to delay the reappearance of plants on the roof.

Defoaming requires expertise

Defoaming isn’t a task that you should take up yourself. It is essential to contact a professional for defoaming because it can be dangerous to climb on a roof for an individual. Besides, commercial roofers around you will have the appropriate lifting equipment to guarantee worker safety and effective defoaming. Also, thanks to their experience, a professional can anticipate possible problems and act accordingly.

Getting the best commercial roofers in Charlotte and Concord, NC

It is perfectly normal for moss to accumulate on your roof. What is important are the steps you take to clean them off your roof. And there is no better thing to do than to defoam your roof. This article highlights when you need to defoam and how you should go about defoaming your roof.

As you’ve read, defoaming requires employing the services of a roofing expert. If you live in Charlotte and Concord, NC, and you would like to defoam your roof, it is best to employ the services of the best commercial roofers in the area and not taking the task up yourself. It could be really dangerous for an unskilled person to embark on this task. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.