Popular commercial roofer chooses green roof options in Charlotte NC

The top commercial roofer in Charlotte is passionate about green roofs. Commercial building owners are going green. Green roofs are one of the most preferred commercial roofs because they are very eco-friendly and add beautiful aesthetics to the building. Green roofs give lots of energy and fresh air to the building. They are part of the best protective roof options for commercial buildings. As a building owner, green roofs should be on your top list for roofing options. The green plants and colorful flowers look very pleasing to the building.

However, this beautiful roof comes in different types. In this article, you will see the different types of green roofs and know more about each one.

Types of green roofs

There are majorly three types of green roofs. Each one is unique and is taken care of differently. But they must be root repellent and waterproof. This prevents any unnecessary structure damage from occurring.

1. Extensive green roofs

Extensive green roofs have fewer plants. They can support about 25 pounds of vegetation. The lesser the number of pounds required, the lesser the amount of labor is required. This means that extensive green roofs do not require as much labor as intensive ones require. The vegetation grows naturally, without any restrictions. The only maintenance required for this type of green roof is yearly weeding and fertilization.

Extensive roofs are easy for a professional commercial roofer to install. They are famous for their ecological benefits and cost-effectiveness.

2. Intensive green roofs

This is the option for commercial builders. They require a larger amount of vegetation. Intensive green roofs can support about 150 pounds of vegetation. When it comes to the type of vegetation used, there are different options to choose from. From shrubs to tropical plants, grasses, and so on. Intensive green roofs require more labor and can be a bit expensive. Commercial building owners use green roofs to attract customers to their clients. More maintenance is required for intensive green roofs because it is similar to maintaining a real garden. The various types of plants should be separated from each other.

Hire a professional commercial roofer to install a green roof for you

Green roofs are very beautiful to see but improper installation can cause structural damages to the building. The insulation and roofing materials need to be properly installed. A skilled commercial roof installer can help you get the best results from this type of roof. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.