Commercial roofers for business owners in Charlotte

Commercial roofers for your company

Commercial roofers use various roofing materials such as bitumen, EPDM, Metal, PVC, and more… These are the most common types of roofs for commercial buildings.

Several years ago, these roof materials have been a symbol of commercial & industrial commerce and a more modern property in America. For property owners and roofing contractors throughout the world, the use of these roof types offers many benefits.

Commercial roofers discuss the advantages of roof styles

Commercial roofing can be more cost-effective to build though other than the material, there are several styles such as flat, pitched, or steep slope. Pitched and slope-style roofs require more material due to the larger square feet to be covered.

Commercial roofing styles are often easier and quicker to install than some residential roofing styles, however, it all depends on the style and type of material the company opts for. Certain commercial styles can translate to significant savings for the property owner. This also affects the ease and potential price of your next commercial roof repair.

Property owners have many types of roofing materials and membranes to choose from – EPDM, rubber rolled roofing, PVC, TPO, bitumen, modified bitumen, and built-up roofing. While there are many different color choices to choose from with roofing membranes, however many property owners choose to stick with white. This can help reduce energy waste from cooling costs due to its reflective properties.

Another advantage of a commercial roof is that the Air conditioners can be moved from the ground to the roof. Also, solar panels and satellite dishes are easier to install on simple commercial roofs style than on pitched ones.

Commercial roofers know the disadvantages of using a flat roofing style

Commercial roofing can be installed in various styles however, a flat style has an important disadvantage in poor drainage.

Standing water can degrade the roofing materials long before they normally would. The material breakdown can lead to leaking and water damage inside the building.

It is imperative that an experienced commercial roofing contractor with a good reputation for professional work do the installation or repairs in order to avoid problems with the roof.

The experienced team at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors understands the importance of having a correct and well-fixed commercial roofing style. They can advise business owners on the best material and style to adopt for a long-lasting commercial roof.

The best commercial roofers in Charlotte, NC

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