Can a Charlotte NC commercial roofer fix flat roof snags?

Make sure your flat roof in Charlotte NC drains

A commercial roofer can install, maintain and care for any type of roof. However, flat roofs are a common design, which can come with additional maintenance that property owners are unsure of before they have them installed.

In the winter time, if the weather turns bad, then the threat of water, ice, snow buildup can be higher, and even a roof installer in Concord NC can face the same sorts of issues and requests. Three key areas dictate how good a flat roof is for protection against the elements.  

Charlotte’s best roofing contractors know gutters can cause problems

One of the first place that a commercial roofer will check on a flat roof is the guttering system. Although a flat roof has the name of flat, there is a gentle slope, and if the guttering system isn’t clear of debris, water can easily back up and cause problems when it begins to pool in the middle of a roof.

This causes issues is water puddles around where there are seams and these have come un-stuck.

Interior draining systems for Charlotte NC flat roofs

Because of the nature of flat roofs, they may make use of an interior draining system rather than just relying on exterior gutters and drains. These can be more efficient when there is a large roof and the span is too far to the edge of the building.

Out of sight, there will be a network of covered drains, and it will take the skills of a good reliable commercial roofer in the area to make sure these work as they should and are clear of blockages and debris.

Scuppers can be used to great effect in Charlotte NC

One of the easiest things for a commercial roofer to check are the scuppers. These are small outlets on the edge of the flat roof, which divert water away from the sides of the building. These take very little maintenance from local roofers and are easy to keep clear.

Depending on the degree of the slope on your flat roof, you may find these are only on one side of the building, and if water doesn’t reach them, then you have an issue in another part of your roof.

Finding the right roofing company in Charlotte NC

To be sure, you are dealing with Charlotte’s best roofing companies will take a little bit of work. However, it isn’t as hard as you think to locate the best commercial roofer in the area.

You can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the professionals will be able to answer any questions about flat roof problems during the winter months. They can just as easily carry out a quick informal survey to check the problem areas and to be sure, the roof isn’t suffering from any premature water leaking.

For a commercial flat roof, you will be happy to see you get the best commercial roofing company delivering the best service at the most affordable rates in the region.