What is single ply Commercial roofing in Charlotte NC?

Does your business need a new roof?

Commercial roofing in Charlotte NC needs caring for. In many cases, this falls under the control business owners, or commercial property managers to make sure commercial roofs are safe and watertight.

A roof is no small investment in commercial buildings, so if a roof can be maintained while being cost-effective, then it is a win-win situation. Do you have a commercial roof and need to know if the single-ply membrane is a good option?

Single-ply membranes and what you need to know

When commercial roofing companies install these, they lay membrane sheets comprising of runners and synthetic materials. One layered, they either ballast or stick them to the insulation to deliver a tough protective layer for commercial buildings in Charlotte and Concord NC.

There are two kinds of single-ply membrane roofing; Advanced Roofing and Exteriors install EPDM roofing because they have been around for longer. TPO roofing is still in its infancy, so the longevity isn’t yet thoroughly tested.

Types of insulation from Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Commercial roofing, which is made up from either single-ply membrane doesn’t deliver any insulation. For this reason, customers as far away as Concord NC have the choice of insulation materials. These are:

  • Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso) – This is more expensive, but the most common insulation for roofing applications. It provides a higher R-value rating, so there is a good trade-off.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)– This delivers the highest R-value per dollar, and is used for roofs, walls, and
  • Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)– XPS falls in-between Polyiso and EPS. It delivers a performance, which is halfway, and costs a middle of the road compared to the other alternatives.

Downsides of single-ply membranes in Charlotte NC

The most significant disadvantage of single-ply for commercial roofing is that it can suffer from punctures due to no protective top layer. Other areas that cause problems are air vents, plumbing pipes, and skylights because there is no way to lay a flat piece. This means more joins and more chance for leaks.

One final downside is the UV rays as they can degrade the adhesives over extended periods, so the chances of leaks are increased. The question is, is the cost-saving of single-ply worth risking as long as there is a roofing maintenance contract in place?

Finding the right Charlotte NC commercial roofer

If you have a commercial building and you need a new roof, you will want to weigh up your options, and then single-ply membrane might be suitable depending on the type of your building.

To be sure, it is better to speak to Charlotte’s best roofing contractors Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the expert staff will be able to give you the full low down on single-ply membrane commercial roofing, and if it is as cost-effective as it appears on paper.