Why does a Charlotte NC commercial roofer advise EPDM?

commercial rooferAre you in charge of a commercial building?

A commercial roofer in Charlotte NC will need to be sure that any work they do will care for the building they install a roof on. This responsibility will fall on the manager or business owner. They need to ensure their commercial roofs are watertight, and protect everything, which is underneath.

A commercial roof is a massive investment on a commercial building, so if roofs can be maintained as well as being cost-effective, then it makes a healthy investment for the property.Here is some information why single-ply membrane fits the needs for many buildings.

Nitty gritty of single-ply membrane roofing materials

When a commercial roofer company installs this, they lay membrane sheets of synthetic and rubber materials. These may be weighted down or adhered to the insulation in order to produce a durable barrier layer for any business building in the area

There are however two different kinds of single layer membrane roofs. Concord NC roofing contractors principally use EPDM roofing systems because they have existed for far longer. TPO roofing is only just in its infancy, so its durability is still not well tested.

Charlotte NC commercial roofer and roof insulation

Commercial roofs consisting of one or other single-layer membranes do not offer any insulation. For that reason, a Concord NC roofer will offer customers a choice of insulation materials.

Extruded Polystyrene – XPS sits sandwiched between EPS and Polyiso. It performs halfway, and it costs about half the price when compared to other alternatives.

Polyisocyanurate – Polyiso is a more costly insulator, but more common for roofing purposes. The R-value is higher, so there will be good value for money.

Expanded Polystyrene –EPS has the highest R-value for the dollar, and can be used for roofs, walls and floors.

Charlotte NC commercial roofer installations

Most commercial roofers are recommending such a roof over spray polyurethane, subject to the complexities of the roof under consideration. Sun exposure is also a factor, since the TPO is typically made in white and is a good reflective material.

Single-ply is straightforward to apply once the substrate is prepared. The only difference between TPO and EPDM is the length of time taken to seal membrane seams. TPO melts and seals while EPDM is adhered together with adhesive tape.

Single-ply downsides for business owners

The main drawback of single-ply for commercial roofs is that you can puncture it with ease since there is no protective upper layer. Other problematic locations include vents, pipe plumbing and skylights since there is no way to place a flat piece. In other words, more joints and a greater chance of leakage.

A final disadvantage is UV rays, since they can degrade the bonding agents over long periods, which increases the chances of leakage. Do single-layer cost savings make sense if there is a roof maintenance contract?

Finding Charlotte NC commercial roof advice

If you have commercial premises and think you need a new roof, and would like to consider your options, then the single layer membrane may be appropriate depending on the nature of your building, and the skills of the commercial roofer.

To be sure, it’s best to talk to Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Experienced staff can provide all the information you need about commercial single-layer membrane roofing, and if it’s as cost effective as it appears on paper.