Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a roofing job?
The average roof replacement or roof repair can be completed in one day, depending on the size, pitch and facets of your roof. Medium to larger roofs with steeper pitches and several facets may take an additional day or two.
Will I have choices on what days my roof is installed?
Yes, we contact you and give you choices of roofing installation days. We do our best to keep our schedules, but at times weather may cause us to postpone installation on your new roof. If this should occur, a representative from our company will contact you to advise you of this, and work with you to reschedule the installation on another day.
We recently experienced a hail storm in our area. How can we know if our roof was damaged and if insurance will cover the repair or replacement of my roof?
Hail can cause serious damage to roofing shingles. If you believe you have experienced hail damage, contact us at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors before contacting your homeowner’s insurance company. We can have one of our experienced inspectors assess your roof and determine the extent of any hail damage. If we observe damage, we would then recommend you contact your insurance company and arrange to meet with you and the adjuster at your home. In some cases, if the damage is significant, you may need to replace the roof material, the costs for which your insurance company may cover (less your deductible.)
I am shopping for a new home. What should I look for in the roof of the home?
You should have a Charlotte roofing professional, such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, perform an inspection. We will look for evidence of leaks in the interior attic areas and on the roof to provide an evaluation of the roof’s integrity and estimated life expectancy.
I am interested in learning more about a metal roof. I understand it’s more expensive but may last longer?
Metal roofing material costs are higher than asphalt shingles but have a longer lifetime of up to 40 years. You may want to read my blog post on metal roofs for more information, or call us and we can show you samples and answer any additional questions.
I need to hire a Charlotte roofing contractor. What should I look for in a good roofing contractor?
It is important to find a Charlotte roofing company that is licensed, insured and has a good reputation. Ask to see some of their recent jobs, and talk to some of their former customers.
What time do you show up in the morning to begin a project?
Our crews will typically arrive by 7am and will work as long as there is adequate daylight.
What if it rains on the day I’m getting a new roof?
The dangers of rain will usually cause us to reschedule your installation. In addition to posing a threat to your house and your belongings inside, rain often makes conditions unsafe for our crews to work.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks and *credit cards. (*Up to a $1,000 limit)