Asking Charlotte roofing companies to fix hail damage

hail damage

Scheduling repair of hail damage

From what I can see, my house in Charlotte, NC has recently sustained hail damage. I am wondering how quickly I need to fix my damaged roof. I have also noticed quite a lot of storm damage in my immediate neighborhood, so I anticipate that local Charlotte roofing companies are probably backlogged, taking care of emergency repairs and writing roof estimates for insurance claims. How promptly after the storm does a hail damaged roof need to be repaired?

Most hail damage is not an emergency

When your roof sustains storm damage, you should always have emergency repairs taken care of as soon as possible to at least temporarily protect your property from further damage. Unless your roof system is leaking, however, there is no reason to hurry your repairs for hail damage. Most hail damage does not present an immediate emergency to property; accordingly, most insurance companies allow homeowners up to a year to make repairs or replacements made necessary by hail damage.

File a hail damage claim right away

Even though the actual inspection and possible repair of your hail damage can wait a little while, report your storm damage to your insurance carrier as soon as you can get through to them. Immediately after a hail storm hits a specific area, insurance carriers get lots of calls. After large hail storms, it is not uncommon for an adjuster to take two weeks, or even longer, to get out to see your hail damage. The danger in a long delay before an insurance adjuster examines your roof is the additional deterioration that could take place. Weathering can sometimes cover up signs of hail damage, leading your adjuster to reject a claim of hail damage to what appears to be roofing with excess wear and tear.

When roof estimates are too good to be true

You should be aware of so-called storm chasers, who show up in a storm damaged community as soon as the weather clears and submit low-ball bids for roof repair. Storm chaser offers can seem too good to be true, and they are. Storm chasers typically use inferior materials, which quickly fail, and slapdash workmanship. You can actually save money by refusing super low roof estimates and opting instead for more reasonable quotes from reputable local roofers. When you do business with someone you know, it is a simple thing to locate them later on if you have problems or concerns. Call reliable roofers from local trustworthy Charlotte roofing companies if you have hail damage. After making a thorough inspection of your hail damaged roof, your local experts will provide a written roof estimate acceptable to your insurance carrier, and if you like, they will meet with your insurance adjuster to review your storm damage. Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord, NC region, can help keep hail damage from putting a dent in your roofing budget.

Hail damage, although not necessarily a roofing emergency, does require attention within the next few months. Choosing Charlotte roofing companies to make storm damage repairs protects not only your property, but protects you from unethical practices by unethical roofers who prey on homeowners who need help. Call your Charlotte roofing company today, and ask them about fixing your hail damage.