Find a roofing contractor after a hailstorm

 A roof damaged by hailstormGetting through a hail storm

Hail storm damage is never a good thing. At the least, driving winds and hailstones mean damaged property and minor repairs, and when hail storms are really bad, the damage can be devastating and even a threat to your well-being. The first few days after a hail storm can be frustrating for home and business owners because there is such a demand for roofing contractors, and insurance companies become backlogged literally over night.

After the storm is over

The natural tendency is for people to want work done quickly, and they go against their better judgment and sign a contract with the first roofing company that shows up at the door. Because of this, there are unprincipled operators who present themselves as roofing contractors, who swarm like locusts to hail damaged areas right after a hailstorm. These operators are generally known as “storm chasers,” and they are only focused on making a fast buck; often performing incomplete or shoddy work. The end result is that many property owners are left with problems stemming from poorly repaired or installed roofs.

As a home or business owner, there is no way of really knowing whether your roof was installed properly, and with the appropriate materials. The really frustrating thing is that problems with roofing materials, accessories, and installations may not occur until months or years later. No one is perfect, general contractors, roofing contractors, and material manufacturers make mistakes; but the reputable companies have been around for a long time because they a reputation for taking care of their customer.

Be patient and thorough

In the aftermath of hailstorms, insurance companies and roofing contractors are stretched to capacity; but if you choose the right company, you will always have your investment protected. The best course of action if your roof has been damaged in a hailstorm is to hire a roofing contractor that has a long standing reputation in the Charlotte and Concord area. Have your roof thoroughly inspected by a roofing company at least twice a year, and certainly after every major storm. Remember that roofing problems never go away; they only grow worse over time.

Hail Storm roofing experts in Charlotte, NC

When choosing a roofing company that deals with hail storm damage, you want to find the best one in the area. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a longtime member of the Charlotte community, and they have decades of experience in dealing with the local weather extremes. They also specialize in numerous exterior home improvement projects, including the repair of siding that has been damaged by hail. They are certified installers for Certainteed, GAF, Owens Corning and Tamko roofing products. They carry an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have received multiple years Super Service Awards from Angie’s List. Call them today for a free hail storm damage inspection from one of the best roofers in the Charlotte area.