Hail storm damage and commercial roofs

A roof damaged by hail stormDamage to commercial roofs

Hail storms cause millions of dollars in damage to commercial roofs in the Charlotte area every year. The overall condition of the roof and the type of roofing material can also be a factor in the amount of damage that your roof may have. Smooth roof coverings such as single-ply and multiple layer coatings are the most susceptible to hail damage. However, if your commercial roof is comprised of a coating that is layered with gravel, stone, or paving block ballast; do not be fooled into thinking that you cannot experience hail storm damage. Nationwide, PVC coatings are used on more than 55% of the roofs on commercial buildings. Although chosen for its toughness and durability, Good sized hail stones and substantial winds can make quick work of a PVC roof. Roofing systems that consist of multiple layers of roof felt that have been laminated with tar or asphalt; can be worn down, causing leaking and drainage problems. Light gauge metal roofs can be dented or even punctured by large hail stones.

Blistered roof coverings are also extremely susceptible to damage. Blisters are caused when bubbles of air become trapped in the roof covering. The blisters are usually formed during the months of extremely warm weather. They begin to develop as the sun warms the air pockets that are trapped in and between layers of coatings. The heat causes the trapped air expands faster than it can escape. Blisters commonly tend to grow larger over time, Damage occurs after the hail breaks the blister, allowing water to penetrate the roof covering. The resultant leaks can cause more damage in the form of electrical short circuits, property damage, mold, etc.

Finding a solution

There are several steps you can take in order to help protect your roof and property from hail. It is imperative that you have your roof regularly inspect your roof and to help keep it free of defects and in good condition. Ask your Charlotte roofing contractor about the possibility of installing protective shields for expensive rooftop equipment such as HVAC units. Look for devices that include hood-type projections or screens that shield the fragile condenser coils. Be sure to consult with the HVAC manufacturer prior to installing any type of coverings in order to ensure that the coverings will not compromise operating efficiencies, or void equipment warranties. You should also consider installing protective screens over skylights.

A commercial roofing contractor for hail storm damage

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