Identifying Hail Storm Damage to Your Roof

A charlotte roofing inspected for hailstorm damageHail storms can be brief and powerful

One of the biggest misconceptions about hail storms is that damage to your roof is always easy to spot. Hail storms cause billions of dollars in damage every year. We all have seen the golf ball or softball sized hail and how devastating everything looks after those storms. However, many people do not understand that a 2 or 3 minute hail storm can damage your roof. If your roof is not inspected by an expert, you may not even be aware of the damage until your roof leaks, later in the year. By then, it is very hard to convince an insurance company that that your roof has been damaged as a result of a hail storm.

Call only qualified roofing contractors

It is crucial that you call a qualified roofing contractor to help you with your hail storm damage insurance claim. Even the briefest of hail storms can cause substantial damage to your roof, siding, window screens, A/C units and many other parts of your home or business. The best Charlotte roofing contractors are in your corner, and they know exactly what to look for in order to get you a fair settlement from your insurance company.

Working with the insurance company

When it comes to hail storm damage, insurance carriers will only pay for certain aspects of the damage. That is why it is so important to pick the right roofing contractor. Look for companies that have decades of experience. You need a roofing company that has a track record of providing hail damage assessments that result in fair settlements for you, the homeowner. The most qualified companies provide detailed documentation of the storm and weather damage, and send the information to your insurance company, verifying proof of hail damage.

Identifying damage caused by hail

The contractors are expert at spotting the major signs of hail damage; including granules missing from asphalt, bruised shingles, and damaged openings such as skylights, ventilation ports, and compromised metal flashing. Your contractor will check for missing shingles and dents from hail, which are not always completely visible. They will look fresh dents in the gutters and check the flashing in the roofing valleys for new damage. Their trained eye and expertise can detect small dimples on the surface. They will be able to make the proper recommendations and confer with the insurance adjuster, helping to give credibility to your claim for repair or replacement.

A dependable roofing contractor for hail storm damage

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been helping homeowners and businesses overcome hail storm damage in the Charlotte and Concord areas for over twenty years. They are a fully licensed, insured and bonded roofing contractor. They are accredited with an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Research them on Angie’s list and you will not only read glowing reviews from satisfied customers, but you will see that they have also received multiple years of Super Service Award. Not only do they work well with insurance adjusters, they also are highly rated by the top material manufacturers in the country. Give them first consideration when you call Charlotte roofing companies about hailstorm inspections for your roof.