Preparing for summer hail storms

Summer ice stormsCharlotte hailstorm damage

During such hot and humid weather, hail storm damage to your roof is one of your last concerns. Sunny skies and warm temperatures are so far away from the frigid snow packed roofs of January or February. We hardly expect to experience storm damage to our roof during the summer months. However, those same conditions that bring us tropical storms and thunderstorms during the summer can lead to devastating hail storms in the Charlotte area.

Summer storms are common

This region is known for frequent thunderstorms, hail storms, heavy winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes during the months from May to November. The National Weather Service reports that there are more than 10,000 severe storms in the U.S. every summer. The force of these summer storms can wreak havoc on exterior siding and especially roofs. In addition to hailstones, roofs are damaged by fallen trees or wind-swept debris. The majority of homeowners experience minor roof damage, such as missing or loose shingles, damaged skylights and roof ventilation systems.

Preparation tips to protect your roof

There are several steps that can be taken to protect your roof from hail storm damage. Take advantage of these tips and start preparing for the rest of the hail storm season. Make sure that a top Charlotte roofing company inspects your roof to ensure that it will protect you during a wind and hail storm. They will make sure that you do not have damaged shingles, or roofing components that can compromise your roof during high winds. You will need to have them remove any tree branches that are hanging near your roof or power lines. It is also important to remove dead trees from your property.

Gutters are important in keeping water and ice off your roof. Make sure that your gutters are cleaned and are in proper working order. Secure or store any items that could be tossed about by severe winds. Items such as BBQ grills, patio furniture, bicycles, watercrafts, or anything that is not attached to the ground.

Depend on roofing companies

Any time that you experience a hail storm or wind storm, contact a Charlotte roofing contractor for a property, and a roof inspection. Even if you cannot see any damage, it is always best to have an inspection performed. The best roofing contractors will perform a comprehensive inspection of your exterior siding, gutter system, and roofing components. In the event that you have experienced hail storm damage, that can provide assistance with the insurance claim process.


A dependable Charlotte roofing contractor

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