Thunderstorms bring hail damage to Charlotte and Concord NC

hail damageHail damage common during Charlotte NC thunderstorm season

When homeowners in Charlotte or Concord NC suspect their roofs have sustained hail damage, their calls to Charlotte roofing companies all say basically the same thing: I think I may need you to fix my damaged roof.  Storm damage is responsible for many of the roof repair requests Charlotte roofing companies receive each year, with hail damage all too often representing the biggest part of damage. Hail damage most often occurs when thunderstorms make their way across Mecklenburg County, bringing ice particles which form in the large updrafts which are normally present in thunder clouds.

Hail stones and hail damage

Hail stones vary in dimension from pea size, which typically does little or no roof damage; through marble size, which can create minor damage to roofing materials;  to golf ball size, which can cause severe damage to roofing materials. Hail size tends to be localized, damaging some roofs in the area, but leaving others unmarked. Wind direction plays an important role, as well as roof pitch. The direct impact of hail on a shingle is more damaging than a glancing blow.

Checking for hail damage in your Charlotte or Concord NC home

Often, damage on the ground, such as dented lawn furniture or broken shrubbery, can be an indication of hail damage to your roof.  Hail damage to other homes in your neighborhood can also suggest your roof may have sustained storm damage, especially if your roof has similar positioning and pitch. If you do have reason to suspect hail damage to your roof, a thorough inspection is in order. As a homeowner, you should limit your inspection to what can be seen from the ground or from a convenient window; Charlotte roofing companies are better qualified, better equipped, and better insured to climb up onto your roof to assess storm damage. Experience counts when it comes to inspecting a roof for safety, for hail damage, and for potential problems which could blow in with the next storm.

Roof estimates

Most Charlotte roofing companies provide free roof estimates for storm damage, and many have the capacity to help with insurance claims to cover costs of repair. At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC, for instance, expert roofers stand ready to provide your insurance carrier with thorough assessments of damage and appropriate roof estimates, and can meet with your insurance adjuster to help make sure you collect every dollar you are entitled to under your policy. When I ask the experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to fix my damaged roof, I know that I can count on much, much more than that. Prompt service, quality materials and excellent workmanship team nicely with detailed and insurance industry-approved claims processing to give me a seamless and worry-free solution to storm damage.

From comprehensive inspections to precise roof estimates to expert insurance claims assistance, the right Charlotte roofing companies provide the kinds of help you need when your roof has suffered hail damage. If hail damage has you wondering which Charlotte roofing companies to call, do yourself a favor and contact the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas and beyond.