Understanding the connection between storms and hail

 Hail storms repairCountless dollars of damage each year

Hail storms are a source for millions of dollars in damage in the Charlotte area and will cost businesses and homeowners all over the U.S. more than a billion per year. Realistically, residents of this area can expect to brace for seven to nine hail storms this season. There is a bit of a mystery associated with hail storms because they occur under a variety of conditions, and often without warning. It is helpful for homeowners and business honors to know what hail storms are, and how this form of precipitation can impact properties.

Hail storms in the Charlotte area

In the majority of the United States, hail storms are a rarity, but dismissing the possibility in the Charlotte area is unadvisable because hail storms here are so closely connected to thunderstorms. The size of a hail stone can often determine the amount of damage as hailstones commonly leave damage to house siding, cracks or breakage in windows, dents on cars, and destruction of roofing materials. Human injuries from these ice pellets are not common, but there are several reports of injured people every year.

Factors that affect severity

Beyond size, the reason that hail stones do so much damage to structures, crops, and people is because the hail stones travel at an extremely high velocity. Hailstones are formed in the upper atmosphere and are carried in the thunderstorm downdraft by 30-50 mile an hour winds. This means that whenever the forecast calls for dime or quarter-sized hail stones, the incoming torrent will usually lead to severe damage. Once you see or hear hail hitting the ground during a thunderstorm, it is advisable that you remain inside, or if need be, find shelter quickly.

The size of hailstones is not the only reason for a meteorologist to issue a severe storm warning. Whenever it is determined that there will be at least 58 mph winds, chances are great for some significant damage regardless of the size of the hail. Wind speed is enough of a reason to announce some type weather alert. Not all thunderstorms produce hail, as long as there is a combination of warm and cold air in the thunderstorm clouds, there is a possibility that hail stones will be formed. The newly-developed hailstones can go through a warm downdraft, which would cause it to melt before it hits the ground, but this is a rare occurrence in hail storms.

Hail Storm roofing inspection in Charlotte, NC

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