Understanding hail storms and hailstone damage

Hail storms damage Defining hail and hail storm damage

Hail storms occur in every part of the world, every continent, and every country. The average person knows that hail storms can cause a lot of damage, but they have no idea how or why hail is formed. Hail storms are a form of precipitation that is usually destructive when it occurs. Hail storms are commonly a by-product of thunderstorms. They are easily recognized by the various sizes and shapes of ice balls that are known as hailstones. Because hailstones come in sizes as small as a BB to as large as a baseball. Hail storms range from being a minor nuisance to very dangerous or even life threatening.

Understanding how hailstones are formed

Hailstones are formed when rain and water droplets are frozen, in the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. They reason for their varied size is because when they are constantly forced into colder air by strong, upward wind currents, they gain size as moisture or water continues to collect on their frozen surface. The higher the wind source, the larger the hailstones, and once the atmosphere can no longer hold the weight, the hailstone falls to the ground. Hailstones become even more destructive when in addition to gravity, they are driven downward by strong wind. Weather scientists can predict when thunderstorms are going to occur, thus enabling them to reasonably forecast the probability of hail storms. However, it is important to understand that generally, hailstorms will affect random areas within the storm for a relatively short period of time. The combination of hail storms and high winds can cause severe damage to a roof, windows, or siding in just a matter of minutes.

Have your roof inspected

Every year, there are homeowners who discover that what they thought was a harmless burst of hail, actually caused damage to their roof. This is a reminder to think of every hail storm as potentially damaging. The average homeowner will not pay attention to a hail storm unless it has cause serious injuries or damage to their home. Modern science gives us the ability to predict a weather change, forecast a thunderstorm, and track hail storms. However, we cannot prevent a hailstorm, and our only recourse is to take cover when they come. Hail storms can be anything from a mild form of precipitation to a natural disaster. Never underestimate its effect, and always have your roof and home inspected for damage by a qualified Charlotte roofing contractor.

Free hailstorm inspection in Charlotte, NC

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