Is metal roofing installation right for my business

metal roofing installationMetal roofing installation – is it right for my business?

Like most folks in the Charlotte area, whenever I think about a metal roofing installation, I picture old rusty barn roofs and the old rusty storage shack behind my business. However, I have been reading about the new advances in metal roof design and technique, and wonder if metal roofing is now functional and stylish enough for my commercial buildings. Should I install a metal roof on my business in Concord NC?

Can I reroof my metal roof?

The metal roof on my storage shed was installed in the early 1980s, and bare metal is peeking out from underneath the old paint. I would like to reroof my metal roof with the more durable present-day metal roofing materials. If I decide on a metal roofing installation for my major commercial buildings, can I reroof my metal roof, too?

Ignore myths about metal roofing installations

Myth #1: Metal roofs are noisy when it rains. Okay, a shed with metal sheeting installed directly onto the rafters is going to be really loud when it rains. When you ask an experienced metal roofer to install a metal roof atop your home or business property, they lay it over insulation and plywood or on top of your existing roof; professional metal roofing installations make no more noise than asphalt shingles.

Myth #2: Lightning is attracted to metal roofs. Not exactly; what attracts lightning is height, so lightning rods are generally installed on elevated rooftops. Since metal is such good conductor of electricity, if lightning should strike a metal roof, the charge would be dissipated across the roof surface, greatly reducing the chance of fire.

Myth #3: Metal roofs will rust over time. Not so! Modern metal roofing manufacturers add a protective layer containing zinc or aluminum over steel, and then cover it with high quality paint. When you install a metal roof, you can expect it to look good for a very, very long time.

Myth #4: Metal roofs dent easily. Most metal roofs are rated for winds up to 120 mile per hour; if they can withstand weak to moderate hurricanes, a little hail will not hurt your metal roof. And while walking on the roof would be dangerous for you, your metal roof would withstand it just fine.

Myth #5: Metal roofs are the most expensive roofs. Sure, if you just compare initial costs of metal roof installation with asphalt shingle applications, a metal roof may seem expensive. However, if you install a metal roof, it will likely be the last roof you ever have to buy; when you consider the costs of roof repairs and replacements for an asphalt shingle roof, you actually save money with a metal roof.

Metal roofing installation quick and easy

If you want to increase the value of your property, contact a local metal roofer to install a metal roof. A metal roofing installation can often be done simply by laying the new metal over your existing roof, depending on accumulated weight and the number of previous roof-overs. This time-saving measure, expertly executed by experienced metal roofers like those at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, could help save costs on your metal roofing installation on labor and clean-up.

If metal roofing installation is in the cards for your home or business, take your time looking at all the options available with regard to style, profile, texture, shape, and color. Your metal roof could take on the look of shakes, shingles, tiles, slate, or it can project a sleek and elegant expanse of standing seam metal adorned in an attractive color. Call your Charlotte or Concord NC roofing experts today, and ask about metal roofing installation.