Metal roofing companies in Concord, NC for your next roofing job

metal roofing been installedRaising the value of a home with metal roof installation by Charlotte’s best roofing contractors

Metal roofing companies are slowly beginning to grow in numbers due to the rising popularity of metal roofs. There used to be a time when you would find metal roofs only on homes that were architect-designed. But today, look around and you will get to see metal roofing even on conventional homes in Concord, NC.

Advantages of seeking services from metal roofing companies for roofing needs:

There are many advantages of having metal roofs, and the following information will help you determine if they are a right fit for your home or not:

  • Installation of metal roofing over an existing roof:

Without having to tear off shingles, installation of metal roofs can be performed over an existing roof. If not, it may cost more to rip off shingles, and it is a very messy job too.

  • Metal roofing is not noisier than any other roof type:

If installation is performed properly, metal roofing is not noisier than any other kind of roof. Installation of metal roofing is done over a solid substrate. In addition, a sound barrier is offered by the attic and insulation. When metal roofing is installed over an existing roof, with the help of furring strips, the metal roof is raised over an existing roof. Sound is deadened due to the creation of air pockets by the furring strips.

  • No additional lightning attraction:

No additional lightning attraction takes place with the use of metal roofs than in the case of a conventional roof. If lightning strikes a metal roof, in comparison to shake shingles or other conventional roofing materials, metal roofs are less combustible.

  • Good life expectancy of metal roofing:

The life expectancy of metal roofing is equal to or greater than other conventional roofing products. Termites and other insects cannot feed on metal roofing. Embers will be extinguished by metal roofing, and hence will be beneficial to those residing in fire-prone areas. It offers good resistance to mildew and rot. Metal roofing companies can install roofs for the residents of Charlotte, NC to allow quick heat conduction and snow sliding at a much faster pace than any conventional roofing.

  • Lightweight nature of metal roofs:

In contrast to conventional roofing, metal roofs are lightweight, and usually run from 50 to 150 pounds per square.

  • Ease of installation:

The ease and speed of installation of metal roofs make them a preferred choice. This will especially be of assistance when your roof is stripped off and bad weather is expected. A skilled contractor will be able to swiftly complete installation.

Charlotte’s best metal roofing company for installation and repair of your roofing:

In spite of all the positive attributes, metal roof is still not a very widely used roofing method. Proper installation of metal roofing is a skill and just a few roofers have knowledge on gettingitdone well. For metal roofing jobs, you will have to find a special company. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one such metal roofing company that specializes in residential roofing and commercial roofing installation, repair and instructions and also exterior home improvements in Charlotte and Concord, NC, and is also one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies. Metal roofing companies ensure that you get superior upgrades to you home that also raise its value. Contact them today. Due to the high value and longevity of metal roofing, they result in increased home values, increased energy efficiency, lesser maintenance and repair costs.