Comparing metal roofing and asphalt shingles

A house using metal roofingLooking to install a metal roof?

Ever increasing numbers of Charlotte home and business owners have chosen metal roofing over traditional asphalt shingle roofs for their roof replacement or new construction. This is because consumers and businesses are beginning to see metal roofing as superior in so many ways. One of the most common questions that roofing contractors are asked is to compare asphalt roofing shingles to metal roofing.

The truth is that metal roofing is a superior roof in virtually every way. The main reason that people do not automatically choose metal roofing is because of the expense. As with most products and services, you get what you pay for. In the long haul, metal roofing is actually less expensive when it comes to service life, and just as importantly, when it comes to its effect on the environment. The main differences between comp and metal roofing become apparent with a little research. Consider the following:

  • Metal roofing is lighter and stronger
  • Metal roofs are made from a higher percentage of recycled material
  • Asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products and are hardly ever considered for recycling
  • Metal roofing can actually be recycled again
  • Torn-off comp shingles end up as toxic waste in a landfill.
  • Metal roofing is available in more shapes, colors, and configurations than any asphalt shingle.
  • Metal roofing is available as vertical panels, horizontal panels, shingles, shakes, diamond shingles, tiles, and more
  • Metal roofs do not degrade in the sunlight like asphalt shingles do
  • Metal roofing typically outlasts asphalt roofs by decades.
  • Metal roofs are much more resistant to high winds
  • Metal roofs can offer a selection of reflective finishes that makes them more energy efficient

On top of these noticeable features, metal roofs remain incombustible and are considered to be the lowest maintenance option available to anyone needing a new roof. The difference in price can range anywhere from minor to considerable. However, the higher cost is more than compensated by improved quality and performance. If you are planning on staying in your home long-term, metal roofing is the obvious choice.

Metal roof installer in Charlotte, NC

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