How metal roofing in Charlotte, NC holds up all summer long

A summer in the life of metal roofingMetal roofing

(The following is a dramatization.)

Early in June, professional roofing contractors installed metal roofing on a home in the Charlotte, NC area, not far from Concord, NC. The roofing was carefully laid to be flush with the deck, and was left unpainted to be as reflective as possible. Metal roofing can be made in many forms, including shingles, but this was standing seam metal roofing, which gets the most out of the advantages of metal.

During July there were several weeks in the high nineties. The roofs of other, nearby houses, which were covered in aging asphalt shingles, were starting to warp from the heat. The attics overheated, keeping the roofs too hot during the night.

Meanwhile, the metal roof reflected most of the light and heat that shone on it. It was set perfectly, so that the sections of metal roofing had just enough room to expand in the heat during the day and contract again during the night.

Holding up to rough weather

Later that month, it rained again, and rained hard. Fortunately, the seams between the sections of metal roofing were raised a fraction of an inch above the plane of the roof itself — which was just enough. Since the roof was so nice and smooth, water slid off it instantly and couldn’t pool enough to reach the seams. And because most of the surface of the metal was flush against the roof, it had no room to vibrate from the raindrops, so there wasn’t the kind of noise from the rain that you’d get from a tin roof.

At the end of summer, a particularly bad storm hit. The roof was lashed with winds of up to fifty miles an hour, but it held. Branches broke off trees and smashed against it, making only the smallest dents. Lightning hit it, and was conducted harmlessly into the ground. The roof held. It would last for fifty more years, and it would need very little maintenance in that time.

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