Metal roofing benefits and options for homes and business in Charlotte, NC

Metal roofing benefits for homes and businesses in Charlotte, NC

No matter what climate you live in, metal roofing is your best option. Not just because it’s become the industry standard of roofing options in Charlotte, NC, but also because of its high durability, low maintenance, eco-friendly nature, and energy-saving attributes. Even though this type of roofing is more expensive than asphalt or composite shingles, it is a much better investment for your home. With a lifespan of over 40 years, metal roofing lasts much longer than its counterparts. This kind of roofing is available in copper and several colors of aluminum, steel, and 5V.

Copper roofing

Copper might be considered one of the more stylish of the metal roofing options but still retains all the benefits. Copper resists fire, hail, mildew, high winds, and ice damage. It withstands periods of freezing and thawing without falling or being damaged. Its attractive patina ages to a lovely greenish-brown color. It oxidizes beautifully rather than rusting away as time goes on, making little upkeep necessary. A lesser-considered aspect of durability is the weight of a metal roof.

Since copper is a lightweight roofing material that’s been used for centuries, its history speaks for itself and the material is making a heavy comeback in designer homes due largely to the fact it ages beautifully. Copper doesn’t rust but rather oxidizes creating a patina, for example, the Statue of Liberty built with copper was once brown but has turned green with age.

Steel roofing

When considering roofing options in Charlotte, NC steel is definitely a heavy contender. A steel roof is also an excellent choice for homeowners in the market for metal roofing and looking to give their home a new look. Steel’s customizability means that it can mimic almost any other type of roofing material, including wood, clay, tile, slate, or shingle.

Old steel roofs are completely recyclable and can be constructed from recycled metals, non-metal roofing materials usually just end up in landfills. They can be installed over existing roofs, saving the old roof from becoming waste.

5V metal roofing

5V, named for its crimped V-shaped creases, has also stood the test of time. Like other metal roofing options, it is perfect for coastal areas and wet environments, such as in and around Charlotte, NC. High winds, heavy rain, and anything else mother nature can throw at you is no match for this sturdy, dependable roofing style.

Is metal roofing your best option in Charlotte NC?

Metal roofing for your home in Charlotte, NC is not only great for the environment but for your wallet too! Money spent on long-lasting metal roofing can be recovered from the savings in your monthly heating and cooling bills due to its reflective properties. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s heating rays instead of absorbing them, especially during the long hot summer days, reducing cooling costs while keeping you comfortable without having to turn up the AC.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing service to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.